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Usually, bearing daily temperature increase every 10°, lubrication period and make up quantity should be decreased once.To make sure bearing operated well, we must use LGHP2 grade high temperature lubrication grease. Before adding new lubrication grease we should clean the input hole.

Commonly, bearing will have natural temperature increase by 1-2℃ just after lubricating or second lubrication.To avoid dust fall into oil input hole, or wear bearing, usually we’ll use oil cup to close oil hole.

If we operate the shale shaker after long time off status, we need to inspect motor rotary unit on insulation. Use 500V Ω gauge, get resistance is not larger than 0.5MSZ, we can run the shaker.

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drilling waste management companies selection drilling waste managementcan fix different meshes screen. This equipment can use 10-200mesh screen. Usually, when the shale shaker is first stage solids control equipment the shaker screen can be 30-100mesh. When the shale shaker is a part of mud cleaner, the screen can be 80-200mesh. Shaker screen selection can among manufacturer engineer, user, and contractor discussion. Replacement screen should be selected specially from manufacturer Replace shaker screen process To make screen installation and uninstall more easy, GNPS752 designed fast installation structure. The structure is a special type use tension wedge to fix screen. Refer to fig IV. The structure including shelve strip, wedge. The first screen installation, we should inspect the screen dimension, such as 910±2mm, the tolerance can’t over it. After fixed rubber strip, then put screen, shelve strip from shaker back (drilling fluid input), and push wedge evenly on two sides use hammer to push or tension wedges, make two sides identical. Tension each screens subsequently. Shaker screen replacement, during operation, when screens broken or need to be replaced , please refer to fig IV. Get wedge out, then bring out screen, check if rubber strips are sufficient; then put new screen on shaker deck and tension it steadily. The replacement is finished Tension wedge sketch Note: During shaker operation, the tension wedge may appear loose, operator should inspect shaker screen frequently and push or tense the wedge by hammer,more infor,pls click the website to know.