HDD Mud Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge for Sinopec Project

GN Company supplied one complete set of Decanter Centrifuge for Sinopec, which is used for their HDD mud treatment project. Now GN Company received great feedback from client, for the reliable performance and high quality of GN Decanter in actual work.

For HDD mud treatment project, generally the mud firstly comes to Vibrating Screen, where coarse particle would be separated out, and normally it is more than 100um. Then the mud would be fed into Decanter Centrifuge for separating out fine solids, especially for 2~5 um fine solids. Then the clean mud can be reused for HDD drilling project.

Decanter Centrifuge achieves solid liquid separation by Centrifugal force. When the mud is fed into Decanter Centrifuge, because of the difference of specific gravity of Solid and Liquid, there would become solid layer and liquid layer, with high rotation speed of Bowl. And the solid would be pushed out from the solids discharge outlet, and liquid phase would be discharge from the other side outlet.

Considering the high content of solids, there would be tungsten carbide tiles installed on the screw and discharge port, and it would greatly increase working life of decanter. And the tiles are replaceable.
In order to get better performance of removing fine solids from liquid by Decanter Centrifuge, generally there would be a Polymer Preparation Unit, which is used for dosing flocculent.

Besides supplying main dewatering equipment, GN Company can also supply Sludge Feeding Pump, Screw Conveyor, etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Manager, and they would offer One Stop Turnkey Solution for clients’ project.

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