Decanter centrifuge

The GN decanter centrifuge is a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment used in various industries such as oil and gas, wastewater treatment, food processing, and more. It is designed to separate solids from liquids by utilizing the principles of centrifugal force.

The GNLW series decanter centrifuge from GN Solids Control is known for its robust construction, high performance, and reliability. It is equipped with a rotating bowl and a screw conveyor that rotates at a different speed, creating a high centrifugal force to separate the solids from the liquid. The separated solids are discharged through the conical end of the centrifuge, while the clarified liquid is discharged through the cylindrical end.

GN decanter centrifuges are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific requirements of different applications. They are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including drilling mud, sludge, wastewater, and more. The advanced design of the centrifuge ensures efficient separation and dewatering of solids, resulting in high-quality clarified liquid and dry solids.

The GNLW series decanter centrifuge is equipped with a user-friendly control system, reliable drive system, and high-quality components, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance requirements. It is also customizable with various options such as variable speed control, automatic lubrication system, and explosion-proof design to meet specific operational needs.

Overall, the GN decanter centrifuge is a cost-effective solution for solid-liquid separation, dewatering, and clarification processes, making it an essential equipment for various industries.


GN solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge

Solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge is named decanter, when you need do solid/liquid mixtuers with high solid content, you can choose a decanter centrifuge.

sludge decanter centrifuge are used for sludge deawtering without chemical conditioning but when the sludge is conditined with polymieric electrolytes, the solid retention rate and the quality of the liquid after centrifugation are significantly improved.

owing to the different handling capacity, we have severl series model of the decanter, The smallest one is GNLW-224, GNLW-364, GNLW-454,GNLW-554, GNLW-654, and the biggest one is GNLW-764.

All parts directly touch to material are made of stainless steel

The bowl of T series centrifuges is make from Duplex Stainless steel SS2205 by centrifugal casting which is higher than SUS304 or SUS 316

Flexible pond depth adjustment for different material separation

The air-operated spring for assisting open of the cover with safety locking system

The main parts are made by centrifugal casting and die forging process to avoid intergranular corrosion and incomplete residual stress release caused by traditional welding process.

The main material of the screw is duplex stainless steel SS2205, SS2304 or higher.

Continuous and automatic operation can minimize labor costs, easy in installation and maintenance


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GN sludge vacuum pump

A couple day agon, GN Separation produced and shipped a batch of decanter centrifuges and inclined plate clarifier for mud dewatering projects.

When you need separate solid /liquid mixtures with high solids content, you can choose a decanter centrifuge.Decanter centrifuges can be optimally adjusted for specific applications. Applications range from sludge dewatering to classification or wet classification to solid classification.

Three phase decanter centrifuge is widely used in dewatering project. We have different model due to the handling capacity, the smallest model is GNLW-224FT, and the bigget model is GNLW-764FT.


Decanter Centrifuge Function

1)Dewatering sludge / mud and suspensions

2)Thickening sludge or mud

3)Clarifying different type liquids

4)Separating 3-phase mixtures, i.e. two immiscible fluid phases and a solid phase

5) Classifying solids in a wet suspension by grain size

6) Separation of solids according to various densities


GN can not only provide users with Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges, rely on GN rich production line of separation and conveying equipment.

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Decanter centrifuge

GN has designed, developed and produced different kinds of centrifuges for  solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation.

GN clarifying decanter centrifuge is C series decanter centrifuge with beach angle of 20 degree. It suits for material of small particle size, low density difference between solids and liquid, moderate viscosity, moderate concentration.

The smallest model is 224FT which is come with 220MM Bowl Diameter and the max G force is 3200G, The beach angle of the C series clarifying decanter centrifuge is 20 degree, so the bowl cone section is short, and the straight section of the bowl is longer, it will give the bowl to have a longer clarifying section.

GN can not only provide users with high-tech Clarifying Decanter Centrifuge, but also provide users with Clarifying Disc Separator with high rotating speed and G force is up to 12000 G, which can carry out multi-step clarification treatment for users’ materials, so as to achieve the most desired effect for customers.


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GN decanter centrifuge

This month, GN will attend the ECWATECH 2023 Exhibition held in Moscow.

GN will be provided a platform for all the water treatment supplier to communication. Welcome to GN booth to get more information.

This time, GN will show the equipment as below

  1.  Decanter centrifuge– GNLW series decanter centrifuge has the bowl diameter from 9 inch to 30 inch for different flow rate requirements. GN decanter is widely used in waste water treatment and other industries separation application.

2. Solid vacuum pump, it is 100% pneumatic driving and make it suitable for the harzard and explosive environment. The max particle size is 50MM, The pump is designed for both automatic operation and manually operation. Operator only needs to adjust the suction and discharge time by twisting the switch on the panel.

For more information on the mining tailing dewatering centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation.