Центрифуга GN продаются зарубежным буровым компаниям

Горизонтальная центрифуга для обработки бурового шлама
GN центрифуга буровых отходов является центрифугой с высокой комплектацией и с самой хорошей материалов.
GN центрифуга буровых отходов является центрифугой с высокой комплектацией и с самой хорошей материалов. Это лучший вариант для среднесрочных и долгосрочных инвестиций из-за его надежности и долговечности. Эти центрифуги популярны для обработки буровых отходов, переработки нефтешламов, очистка резервуаров очистных сооружениях, а также контроля твердой фазы, регенерация барита, низкой гравитации и высокой тяжести твердого разделения, обезвоживания и т. д.

Горизонтальная центрифуга для обработки бурового шлама – GN Solids Russia (gnsolidscontrol.ru)
Тех. Описание на GN центрифуга буровых отходов
Диа. барабана 360mm(14inch) 360mm(14inch) 450mm(18inch) 550mm(22inch)
Длина барабана 1271mm(50inch) 1271mm(50inch) 1540mm(61inch) 1800mm(71inch)
Макс. произ-ность 200GPM(45m3/h) 200GPM(45m3/h) 352GPM(80m3/h) 484GPM(110M3/h)
Раб. произ-ность 132GPM(30m3/h) 132GPM(30m3/h) 264GPM(60m3/h) 400GPM(90m3/h)
Макс. скорость 3900RPM 3900RPM 3200RPM 3000PRM
Рабочая скорость 3200RPM 0~3200RPM 0~2800RPM 0~2500RPM
Макс. G-сила 3063 3063 2578 2719
Рабачая G-сила 2062 0~2062 0~1973 0~1888
Размеры уделяемых 2~5µm 2~5μm 2~5µm 2~5μm
Дифф. скорость 40 0~40 0~35 0~45
Кру. момент редуктора 3500N.M 3500N.M 7500N.M 12000N.M
Отношение редуктора 57:1 57:1 57:1 35:1
Основ. мотор 37KW(50HP) 37KW(50HP) 55KW(75HP) 90KW(120HP)
Вспом.мотор 11KW(15HP) 11KW(15HP) 22KW(30HP) 37KW(50HP)
Подающий насос 7.5KW(10HP) 7.5KW(10HP) 15KW(20HP) 22KW(30HP)
Взрыв.исполнение ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Шкаф управления Exd PLC+с положительном давлением
Вес 3500KG 3400KG 4580KG 5840KG
Габариты 3190x1638x1306mm 3190x1638x1306mm 3700x1798x1398 4200x1978x1462

Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge System for South America Client

GN separation, a professional manufacturer in the filed of solid-liquid separation, has successfully compeleted the assembly of a oil sludge system, it will be sent to South America Client shortly.

The oil sludge treatment system would utilize a decanter centrifuge and some related equipment to efficiently separate the oil, water, and solids contained in oily sludge and waste streams. This is a common and effective technology for treating oil sludge and separating the valuable oil component from the water and solids.

GN separation can manage to design the whole system base on the mateiral, areas and climate on site to meet customer’s need.

The system comprise serverl modular design as below

  • Oil sludge transferring Module

Sludge’s begins at the Material Handling Module where GN’s proprietary solids vacuum pump comes into play. This fully pneumatic, easy-to-maintain unit efficiently transports the sludge from its storage area to the screening module, ensuring a seamless and safe transfer process.

  • Screening Module

GN vibration screen will work on it, These powerful machines carefully separate larger particles and debris from the sludge, greatly reducing the workload of downstream fine separation equipment. This preliminary step is essential to prepare the sludge for more complex treatment processes, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire system.


  • Fine solid-liquid separation module

The core of the system is the decanter centrifuge, This advanced technology is tailored to the client’s specific requirements, enabling precise solid-liquid or liquid-liquid-solid separation.

By reducing the volume of hazardous waste, recovering valuable resources, and minimizing environmental impact, GN’s oil sludge treatment system not only addresses immediate challenges but also contributes to a greener, more resilient future for the industry.

For more question, pls feel free to contact GN.

GN Large Linear Vibrating Screen GNLS3061 Ready for Shipping to Domestic Iron Mine

Recently GN has completed 4 Units GNLS3061 large Linear Vibrating screen, they will be sent to Domestic company which fous on Iron Mine.

In general Linear vibrating screens are an important piece of equipment used in a variety of industrial processing applications, including mining, aggregates, and other materials handling.


  1. In mining and mineral processing, linear vibrating screens are used to separate run-of-mine ores, concentrates, and other materials by particle size.
  2. They can be used for scalping, dewatering, classifying, and de-sliming operations.
  3. Common mineral processing applications include coal, iron ore, sand and gravel, and other aggregates.
  4. The screens can handle high throughput volumes while providing effective separation and screening.


  • Linear vibrating screens use an eccentric drive mechanism to create a linear, back-and-forth vibrating motion across the screen deck.
  • This linear motion, as opposed to a circular or elliptical motion, helps materials move efficiently across the screen surface.
  • The screen deck is typically made of woven wire mesh or punched plate to allow fine materials to pass through while retaining larger particles.

For further question, pls feel free to contact GN.


GN Dewatering Centrifuges for Overseas STP

Recently, GN Separation has successfully completed the assembly of a Dewaterin centrifuges, It will be sent to the overseas customer shortly.

GN dewatering centrifuges are a type of industrial centrifuge used in wastewater treatment processes to dewater and concentrate sludge. These centrifuges are commonly employed in sewage treatment plants, particularly those located overseas, to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sludge handling and disposal.

Kindly check the following feather

High dewatering efficiency:GN centrifuges are designed to achieve a high degree of sludge dewatering, typically reducing the water content to 60-80%. This helps minimize the amount of sludge that needs to be transported and disposed of, reducing overall operating costs.
Rugged design: The centrifuges can withstand the harsh environments and challenging conditions often encountered in overseas treatment plants, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.
Energy efficient: GN centrifuges are designed with energy-saving features such as optimized rotor design and advanced drive systems that help minimize power consumption and operating costs in the dewatering process.
Ease of Maintenance:The centrifuges feature user-friendly maintenance and service programs that make it easier for plant operators to perform routine inspections and repairs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Scalability:GN dewatering centrifuges are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, allowing the selection of the most suitable unit for the specific sludge volume and treatment requirements of the foreign STP.
Factors such as sludge characteristics, flow rates, space constraints and local regulatory requirements must be considered when selecting a GN dewatering centrifuge for a foreign STP. Working with experienced equipment suppliers and engineering firms can help ensure that centrifuge technology is optimally selected and integrated into the overall treatment plant design and operation.

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GNLW364 Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Crystal Salt Dewatering Project

Recently, GN have completed the GNLW364 decanter centrifuge, It will be sent to the overseas customer which work in Crystal Salt Dewating .

The GNLW364 model decanter centrifuge is a high-performance centrifuge designed for dewatering applications.
The wet-touching parts of the centrifuge are made of duplex stainless steel 2205. Duplex stainless steel 2205 is a highly corrosion-resistant alloy that is well-suited for harsh environments and processes involving chemicals or salts.

The application is for dewatering crystal salt in an overseas project. Decanter centrifuges are commonly used in salt production and processing to efficiently separate the salt crystals from the mother liquor or brine.
Using a high-quality duplex stainless steel 2205 for the wetted components ensures the centrifuge can withstand the corrosive nature of the salt-containing streams and operate reliably over extended periods in the overseas location.

The GNLW364 model is likely selected based on the throughput requirements and performance specifications needed for the crystal salt dewatering process at this particular overseas facility.

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