Indian client ordered one unit of GNSP-20B Vacuum Pump from GN Company, and it would be shipped before the Chinese New Year Holiday. That pump can be used for transferring Sludge, Powder, High Solid Content Sludge, High Density/Viscosity Sludge, Slurry, Water, etc.

GN Company has supplied this pump to ship repairing/maintenance plant, for suction the small iron powder, to olive oil processing plant, for transferring active carbon, to environment protection Company, for transferring oily sludge, and to Construction Company, for transferring waste construction solids……

20200112 SolidsVacuumPump2

The horizontal suction distance can be 50~100 meters, and discharge distance can be 500~1000 meters. Vertical suction depth can be 8 meters, and lift/head can reach 80 meters. (capacity calculated based on clean water)

There is no cost of Electricity or Diesel for GN Vacuum Pump, and it is 100% air operation. The air source from Air Compressor is suggested, which is always available in the majority of factories.

20191215 Solids-Vacuum-Pump-4

GN Company has been focus on manufacturing Pump for about 13 years, including Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pump (100% Interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum), Screw Pump, Submersible Slurry Pump, etc.

GN Company has been supplying Equipment to about 80 countries, including Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, North and South America, Asia, with 70% sales are from International Market.

GN Company has two factories now under operation now, and the third factory would come into operation in 2020, with total size about 100,000 square meters.

GN Company head office & factories are all in China, one hour from the Beijing International Airport by car.

GN Company has two branch companies, including one in Moscow, the other one in Houston.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and visit GN Company.

There is one set of Oil Sludge Treatment System is under installed in China Mainland, used for refinery oil sludge treatment.

GN Company, as a professional manufacturer of Separation and Conveying equipment, can supply equipment as follow,

Decanter Centrifuge (solid/liquid separation),
Disc Centrifuge (solid/liquid/liquid separation),
Oil Water Separator,
Oil Sludge Treatment System,
Thermal Desorption Unit System,
Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump,
Centrifugal Pump,
Pipeline, accessories, etc.

2019.10.17 Oil Sludge Treatment Jobsite

GN Company supplies about 12 sets of Oil Sludge Treatment System for clients each year, 70% for international market, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Canada, Kazakhstan, etc.

A Brief Introduction about GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment Procedure as below,

Shaker used to remove coarse size solid, more than 100um.
Decanter Centrifuge used to separate solid and liquid.
Disc Centrifuge used to separate Oil and Water.

The result after treatment by GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment System as below,
1. BS & Water content in Oil, less than 3%
2. Oil content in Solids, less than 2%
3. Oil content in Water, 500-1000ppm

2019.10.17 Oil Sludge Treatment Plant 3

GN Company would attend exhibition named Ecomondo 2019, in Rimini, Italy, dated on November 5-8th, with Booth No. 010, Hall D2.

Welcome to visit GN booth during the exhibition!

There is a batch of Shaker Shakers ready for shipment to Indian’s work site for drilling project.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Solid/Liquid Separation, Solid/Liquid/Liquid Separation Equipment for 12 years, including Decanter Centrifuge, Disc Separator, Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, Mud Cleaner, etc.

2019.10.10 Triple Shale Shaker 1

India is a huge market, with steady sales amount increase, and GN Managing Board pays big attention on developing India market.

GN Company would attend the IFAT 2019 exhibition in Mumbai.

Date: October 16th~18th, 2019.


Booth No.: D41A, Hall 1

GN Company attends exhibition

We would show products as follow,

  1. Decanter Centrifuge – Solids-liquid separation, solids dewatering, waste water concentrate, Edible oil production, mining tailing dewatering, other industrial separation
  2. Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump – High solid content sludge transfer, oily waste sludge transfer, solid powder transfer, animal waste transfer
  3. Centrifugal Pump – Drilling mud transfer, light slurry transfer

Welcome to visit GN booth.

Greatly hope to see you there, GN Sales Managers would send best solution/offer for your project.

There is one set of drilling mud recycling system is under final assembling in GN Company‘s work plant, and would be ready for shipment soon.

This Drilling Mud Recycling System mainly includes equipment as follow,
Shale Shaker,

Pump, Pipeline, Accessories, etc.

The shale shaker is used to remove coarse solids, with size more than 100um.
The Desander is used to remove solids, with size 45~70um.

Working Procedure as below,
Feeding Drilling Mud to Shale Shaker through Mud Logging Tank, solids with size bigger than 100um would be shake out.
The drilling fluid passing through shaker screen would be pumped to Desander by Submersible Slurry Pump, solids with size 45~70um would be shake out.

The client also ordered one set of Jet Mud Mixer, including Mud Hopper, Mud Mixing Pump (centrifugal pump), for mixing the drilling fluid with chemical products, in order to improve its working performance.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Solids Control Equipment for 11 years, including Decanter Centrifuge, Shale Shaker, Shaker Screen, Desander/Desilter, Pump, etc.

GN Company supplies about 300 sets of decanter centrifuges in 2018, with 70% for International Market, including UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, China, etc.

GN Company has two factories under operation, and a third one under manufacturing now, with more than 100, 000 square meters totally.

There is one Complete Solids Control System for Drilling Rig is under final assembling in GN’s work plant, and would be shipped to client’s work site soon.

The system includes 4 modules as below,

  1. Two Units of Shale Shaker (removing solids with size more than 100um)
  2. One Unit of De-sander (removing solids with size more than 45~70um)
  3. One Unit of De-silter (removing solids with size more than 20~45um)
  4. One Unit of Decanter Centrifuge (removing solids with size less than 20um)

2019.09.18 Mud Circulation System

Drilling Fluid Solids Control System Working Procedure as below,

The drilling mud firstly pumped to the Mud Gas Separator, if the drilling fluid has Toxic flammable gas, for removing the toxic gas.

Secondly, The drilling mud would be pumped to shale shaker, for removing coarse particle, with size more than 100um.

The liquid and fine solids would pass the shaker screen, and flow into storage tank under the shale shaker.

Thirdly, the drilling fluid would be pumped to Vacuum Degasser, for removing air from drilling fluid, in order to increase separation efficency for equipment after.

Then the drilling fluid would be pumped to Sand Removal Cyclone, for removing solids 45~70um, then Desilting Cyclone, for removing solids 20~45um.

The drilling fluid is clean after treated by Mud Cleaner, and if the project is necessary to remove fine solids, less than 20um, the drilling fluid can be pumped to Decanter Centrifuge for further solid separation.

2019.09.18 Drilling Mud System 

Welcome to contact GN Company for more technical specifications & working videos about our equipment in working sites.