A couple day agon, GN Separation produced and shipped a batch of decanter centrifuges and inclined plate clarifier for mud dewatering projects.

When you need separate solid /liquid mixtures with high solids content, you can choose a decanter centrifuge.Decanter centrifuges can be optimally adjusted for specific applications. Applications range from sludge dewatering to classification or wet classification to solid classification.

Three phase decanter centrifuge is widely used in dewatering project. We have different model due to the handling capacity, the smallest model is GNLW-224FT, and the bigget model is GNLW-764FT.


Decanter Centrifuge Function

1)Dewatering sludge / mud and suspensions

2)Thickening sludge or mud

3)Clarifying different type liquids

4)Separating 3-phase mixtures, i.e. two immiscible fluid phases and a solid phase

5) Classifying solids in a wet suspension by grain size

6) Separation of solids according to various densities


GN can not only provide users with Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges, rely on GN rich production line of separation and conveying equipment.

For more information on GN three-phase decanter centrifuge, no hesitate to contact GN Separation.

GN has designed, developed and produced different kinds of centrifuges for  solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation.

GN clarifying decanter centrifuge is C series decanter centrifuge with beach angle of 20 degree. It suits for material of small particle size, low density difference between solids and liquid, moderate viscosity, moderate concentration.

The smallest model is 224FT which is come with 220MM Bowl Diameter and the max G force is 3200G, The beach angle of the C series clarifying decanter centrifuge is 20 degree, so the bowl cone section is short, and the straight section of the bowl is longer, it will give the bowl to have a longer clarifying section.

GN can not only provide users with high-tech Clarifying Decanter Centrifuge, but also provide users with Clarifying Disc Separator with high rotating speed and G force is up to 12000 G, which can carry out multi-step clarification treatment for users’ materials, so as to achieve the most desired effect for customers.


For more information on 3-phase decanter centrifuge package, please feel free to contact GN Separation.


2023.09.01 Inclined Plate Clarifier

Recently GN separation completed 8 sets inclined plate clarifier and 6 sets decanter centrifuge, 8 sets inclined plate clarifier will be sent to overseas customers for industrical sludge treatment, 6 sets decanter centrifuge will be sent to the domestic major drilling company for driiling mud treatment.

In this order, the overseas customer choose the model of GNIPC-25A for inclined plate clarifier, GN IPC design incorporates inclined plate settling surfaces pitched at a 55° angle from the horizontal with uniform plate spacing. Due to plate angle the solids slide down the plates into the sludge hopper below the plate pack. Herewith pls find the following photo


Chemical like polymer pretreatment often improve solids removal effeciencies. The use of chemical flocculants with GNPIC inclined plate clarifier is depend on the efficiency of the system and so on.

2023.09.01 Inclined Plate Clarifier

In regards to these 6 sets decanter, customer choose the model of GNLW453-VFD with the bowl diameter 450mm and bowl length 1540mm, it equip with 2 motors(Main motor is 55KW and back drive motor 22KW) and VFD control cabinet.


2023.09.01 Decanter Centrifuge

For more information on the mining tailing dewatering centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation.

Last week, GN company participated 9th Guangzhou Aggregates Technology &  equipment Expo.

Please visit  below link to know more details

The 9th Guangzhou Int’l Aggregates Technology & Equipment Expo

At this exhibition, GN hold a booth with areas 90M2, located in hall E3, booth No. BT05.

2023.08.25 gn banana vibrating screen

At this exhibition, GN mainly equipment is as below

1.Large double layer banana screen GNBS2461

It mainly used in wet or dry grading, desliming, and media removal processes.

2023.08.25 gn banana vibrating screen

2. Linear Motion Dewatering Screen GNLMZ1836

2023.05.28 gn linear dewatering vibrating screen

3. Solids Vacuum Pump GNSP40B

solidls vacuum pumo is a fully pneumatic conveying equipment that operates through external air comperssor,it can be safely used in flammable and explosive places.

We have 3 model, GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B, GNSP-40B for your choice. It suit for the material which come with 75MM of the max particle size and 80% solid content is acceptable.

2023.08.25 gn show at guangzhou aggregates expo

For more information about sand and gravel aggregate screening equipment, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.

Recently GN has completed 2 sets dewater screw press, later it will be arranged to transportation to overseas customer for Municipal Sludge Dewatering.

2023.08.10 sewage sludge dewatering screw press

Screw press is very common sludge dewatering screw press machine, this order will be used for  municipal wastewater treatment plants, the  sludge dewatering machine is commonly used to handle sludge dewatering and subsequent treatment of stabilised sludge. It can drastically reduce the water in sludge and reduce the cost of subsequent treatment and disposal.

It consist of control cabinet and flocculant mixing tank, with compacting structure small floor space. Dewatering machine is basically in closed operation, stable and timely treatment, reduce the site odour to a large extent, improve the working environment of workers. to achieve fully automatic 24-hour operation, reduce the operator’s labour intensity.

2023.08.10 multi-plate screw press unit

Advantage of dewater screw press machine

High efficiency: Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine has high dewatering capacity, which can dewater sludge with high water content quickly in a short time and improve the processing efficiency.

Space-saving: Compared with the traditional equipment, the stacked-screw sludge dewatering machine has a compact structure, occupies little space, and is easy to install and move.

Simple operation: the equipment is easy to operate, only need to adjust the parameters through the control cabinet, maintenance is also convenient.

In conclusion, dewater screw press is a highly efficient and easy-to-operate equipment, which concentrates and separates the sludge to solid state through mandatory dewatering, thus effectively reducing the cost and complexity in the process of sludge treatment and disposal.