GN Company Oil Sludge Treatment Plant Installed in China Mainland

There is one set of Oil Sludge Treatment System is under installed in China Mainland, used for refinery oil sludge treatment.

GN Company, as a professional manufacturer of Separation and Conveying equipment, can supply equipment as follow,

Decanter Centrifuge (solid/liquid separation),
Disc Centrifuge (solid/liquid/liquid separation),
Oil Water Separator,
Oil Sludge Treatment System,
Thermal Desorption Unit System,
Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump,
Centrifugal Pump,
Pipeline, accessories, etc.

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GN Company supplies about 12 sets of Oil Sludge Treatment System for clients each year, 70% for international market, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Canada, Kazakhstan, etc.

A Brief Introduction about GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment Procedure as below,

Shaker used to remove coarse size solid, more than 100um.
Decanter Centrifuge used to separate solid and liquid.
Disc Centrifuge used to separate Oil and Water.

The result after treatment by GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment System as below,
1. BS & Water content in Oil, less than 3%
2. Oil content in Solids, less than 2%
3. Oil content in Water, 500-1000ppm

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