GN decanter centrifuge

GN dewatering decanter centrifuge is T series decanter centrifuge with beach angle of 8.5 degrees. T series decanter centrifuge is generally used dewatering and thickening purpose.

Sludge Decanter Centrifuge are used for sludge dewatering without chemical conditioning, but when the sludge is conditioned with polymeric electrolytes, the solids retention rate and the quality of the liquid after centrifugation are significantly improved. The centrifuged liquid slopes back to the sludge thickener or initial settling tank. The water content of the sludge cake is approximately 70-80%. The sludge centrifugal dewatering centrifuge requires a smaller site area than a vacuum filter with the same production capacity and has lower capital costs.

The advance of the decanter centrifuge

1、Continuous automatic operation

Decanter centrifugal dewatering from pumping out sludge, injecting medicine, discharging sludge cake are automatically controlled, through the electronic control cabinet, and into the sludge pumps, dosing pumps, etc., linkage, do not need personnel to operate the equipment, the operation will not be clogging, filtering away from the bias or other phenomena affecting the safety of the process, the daily maintenance of maintenance simple, 24 hours can be continuous unmanned operation. The sludge dewatering continuous full-automatic operation is realised in the real sense.

2、Saving project investment

The decanter centrifugal dewatering machine itself has the function of sludge thickening, and it can directly deal with aerobic sludge in the aeration tank without thickening and storage unit, which reduces the overall space occupied by the sewage treatment facility and the construction cost.

3、Machine body is light and durable

Decanter centrifuge due to the direct use of mechanical centrifugal separation dewatering, without the need for large-scale body, so the machine is designed to be quite lightweight; almost all the body is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, with a long service life and durability.


GN Separation Showed in the 9th Guangzhou Aggregates Technology & Equipment Expo

Last week, GN company participated 9th Guangzhou Aggregates Technology &  equipment Expo.

Please visit  below link to know more details

The 9th Guangzhou Int’l Aggregates Technology & Equipment Expo

At this exhibition, GN hold a booth with areas 90M2, located in hall E3, booth No. BT05.

2023.08.25 gn banana vibrating screen

At this exhibition, GN mainly equipment is as below

1.Large double layer banana screen GNBS2461

It mainly used in wet or dry grading, desliming, and media removal processes.

2023.08.25 gn banana vibrating screen

2. Linear Motion Dewatering Screen GNLMZ1836

2023.05.28 gn linear dewatering vibrating screen

3. Solids Vacuum Pump GNSP40B

solidls vacuum pumo is a fully pneumatic conveying equipment that operates through external air comperssor,it can be safely used in flammable and explosive places.

We have 3 model, GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B, GNSP-40B for your choice. It suit for the material which come with 75MM of the max particle size and 80% solid content is acceptable.

2023.08.25 gn show at guangzhou aggregates expo

For more information about sand and gravel aggregate screening equipment, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.


This week GN completed a big bowl decanter centrifuge for oversea mining tailing project. The decanter centrifuge will be installed in container for easy transportation. The system includes 2 containers installed up and down.

In this order, customer has choose the largest model GNLW764 of GN company, Which come with 30 inch bowl diameter for large flow requirement on site. Take the inner parts protection of the decanter centrifuge consideration, we choose tungsten material plate and bushing for the decanter on screw prospeller blade, which will extend the service life of the equipment.

This GNLW-764 decanter centrifuge is a solid-liquid separation equipment, which come with 131 inch bowl length, and Max speed  is 2650RPM, the material of screw is duplex stainless steel 2205, we also choose the tungsten carbide tiles protection.

At the same time, the centrifuge equip with stainless steel VFD control panel, which can make the service life more longer. And the famous brand electric components make the after-sales more convenients. you Can buy them locally.

For more information on the mining tailing dewatering centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation.

GN sludge vacuum pump

Recently GN completed 2 set sludge vacuum pump, they will be arrange to the oversea customer as soon as possible. This order is engaged in the cleaning service of Storage tank.

GN sludge vacuum pump is a fully pneumatic converying equipment that need to contact a air compressor. GN have 3 models for sludge vavuum pump, GNSP-40, GNSP-20, GNSP-10. For this order, customer have choose the biggest model, which with more suction distance up to 50 Meters, discharge to 500-1000 Meters. The transferred solids size maximum is 75mm, sludge solids content up to 80%.


The handling capacity of model GNSP-40B is 40M3/H(for clean water), it equip with 4” inlet/outlet size quick joint, the request of the vacuum degree is 85Kpa/25 inch HG(mercury Column), and the air demand is 17M3/Min(600CFM).

For the different material to process,we supply different material of the sludge vacuum pump, such as carbon steel and SUS 304 stainless steel and SUS316 stainless steel.

The control cabinet is Pneumatic Control, for GNSP-40B we have both Automatic and Manually, for more information, please contact GN.

GN decanter centrifuge

Three-phase centrifuge is mainly used for solid-liquid-liquid separation, i.e., the simultaneous separation of a solid phase (with the highest specific gravity) and two liquid phases with different densities.

Under the action of centrifugal force, the material forms three relatively stable layers, starting from the drum wall inwards in the order of solid-phase layer, heavy-liquid layer and light-liquid layer. The solid phase layer moves towards the small end of the drum driven by the screw conveyor and is discharged from the slag discharge port. The heavy liquid layer and light liquid layer flow along the aperture between the spiral blades to the big end of the drum, and then discharged from different outlets to achieve continuous three-phase separation.

2023.06.08 fish oil 3 phase decanter

There are GNLWS-364,GNLWS-454,GNLWS-554 model, GN centrifuge widely used in the field of solid-liquid-liquid separation. According to different industries and material conditions, GN can provide matching solutions. For more information about decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN.