GNDL303 Screw Press for US Municipal Sludge Dewatering

The GNDL303 Screw Press is the ideal solution for municipal sludge dewatering in the United States. This state-of-the-art equipment combines efficiency, durability and compliance with industry standards for effective sludge treatment.

The GNDL303 Screw Press is manufactured from high quality 304 stainless steel to ensure corrosion resistance and long service life. Its robust design allows it to withstand the demanding operating conditions of municipal sludge treatment plants, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and extending operational life.

One of the key features of the GNDL303 Screw Press is the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD), which allows the operator to precisely control the speed of the screw. This flexibility allows the unit to adapt to different sludge consistencies and flow rates, minimising energy consumption while optimising the dewatering process.

In addition, the GNDL303 Screw Press is designed with PVC pipe connections in accordance with US standards. This standardised design facilitates seamless integration into existing pipework and ensures compliance with local regulations and codes. As a result, installation time and costs are minimised, while overall operational efficiency is improved.

Overall, the GNDL303 Screw Press provides an efficient and reliable solution for municipal sludge dewatering in the United States that meets the stringent requirements of the industry while providing long-term durability and performance.

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Recently, GN has completed 3 sets  GNLW364 dewatering centrifuges for overseas municipal sewage treatment project.

The GNLW364 dewatering centrifuge is a high-efficiency dewatering equipment produced by a well-known environmental pollution control equipment manufacturer in China. The equipment is widely applied in municipal sewage treatment projects, capable of effectively removing solid waste and pollutants from sewage, thus improving the efficiency and water quality of sewage treatment.

For an overseas municipal sewage treatment project, the configuration of three GNLW364 dewatering centrifuges can meet the project’s dewatering requirements. The equipment features:
High-efficiency dewatering: The GNLW364 dewatering centrifuge adopts advanced centrifugal technology, capable of rapidly removing solid waste and pollutants from sewage, thus improving the efficiency of sewage treatment.
Reliable operation: The equipment has a robust structure and reliable operating system, enabling long-term continuous operation to meet the needs of sewage treatment projects.
Easy maintenance: The design of the GNLW364 dewatering centrifuge considers maintenance and repair needs, featuring easy maintenance and repair, reducing maintenance costs and time.
Environmentally friendly: The equipment complies with environmental protection requirements, reducing the emission of pollutants and protecting the environment and ecosystem.
In summary, the configuration of three GNLW364 dewatering centrifuges can meet the dewatering requirements of overseas municipal sewage treatment projects, improving the efficiency and water quality of sewage treatment, and protecting the environment and ecosystem.

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22 inch decanter centrifuge for overseas customers

The 22 inch decanter centrifuge (22 inch decanter centrifuge) is a high-performance centrifugal equipment that is widely used in many industries, such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical. Its powerful separation capacity and high efficiency are favoured by users all over the world.

High-efficiency separation: 22-inch decanter centrifuge adopts advanced centrifugal technology, which can achieve high-efficiency solid-liquid separation in a short period of time and improve production efficiency.
Easy to operate: the equipment is designed with humanisation, and the operation interface is simple and clear, easy to get started. At the same time, equipped with intelligent control system, it can realise automatic operation and reduce manpower cost.

Stable and reliable: the use of high-quality materials and precision processing technology, to ensure that the equipment in the long run to maintain stable and reliable performance.
Energy saving and environmental protection: the equipment has low noise and energy consumption during operation, which meets the requirements of modern environmental protection.
Third, the application scene

The 22-inch decanter centrifuge can be widely used in the following fields:

Chemical industry: for solution separation, precipitation, dehydration and concentration and other processes.
Food industry: for milk separation, pesticide residue testing and other processes.
Pharmaceutical industry: for separation of biological samples such as blood samples, urine samples, faecal samples, etc.
Market Trends and Prospects

With the rapid development of global chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, the demand for high-performance centrifuges is increasing. Especially in overseas markets, due to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the requirement of higher production efficiency, the market prospect of 22-inch decanter centrifuge is very broad.

As a high-performance centrifuge, the 22-inch disintegration centrifuge has a wide range of application prospects in overseas markets. Its features of high efficiency separation, easy operation, stability and reliability, and energy saving and environmental protection can meet the needs of different industries for centrifugal equipment. For overseas customers, choosing a centrifuge with excellent performance is an important way to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and meet environmental requirements.

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GN disc stack separator

3-phase disc stack separator is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields. This separator adopts a unique disc design, through the high-speed rotation of the disc to generate a strong centrifugal force, the solid particles in the mixture of liquid and liquid separation.

The main working principle of the three-phase disc separator is: when the mixed liquid enters the separator, under the action of the high-speed rotating disc, the solid particles are thrown to the outer edge of the disc by centrifugal force and slid down along the disc under the action of gravity to the slag discharge; while the liquid, due to the difference in density and centrifugal force, forms a number of concentric rings inside the disc and is discharged from the central part of the liquid discharge port.

Three-phase disc separator has the following advantages:

High separation efficiency: due to the design of high-speed rotating discs, it can generate strong centrifugal force, thus achieving efficient solid-liquid separation.
Wide range of application: It is suitable for processing mixed liquids of various concentrations, viscosities and particle sizes, and is especially suitable for processing mixed liquids containing fine solid particles.
Easy to operate: compact structure, small footprint, easy to operate, easy to maintain and manage.
Energy-saving and environmental protection: there is no need to add any chemicals in the separation process, which reduces the operation cost and pollution to the environment.
It should be noted that when using the three-phase disc separator, you should choose the right model and specification according to the actual production demand, and operate and maintain it according to the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation and separation effect of the equipment.

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GN will participate in IFAT MUNICH in May this year. IFAT MUNICH is the world’s largest professional trade fair for environmental protection, leading the latest trend of international environmental protection industry and recognised as the global wind vane of the industry. The exhibition will be held from 13th to 17th May 2024 at the New International Expo Centre (NIEC) in Munich, Germany. The exhibition provides an efficient technical exchange platform for industry stakeholders, as well as an excellent trade opportunity for the world’s suppliers of technology and equipment in the field of environmental.

The theme of IFAT Munich 2024 will focus on the fields of water, wastewater, waste treatment and recycling, as well as raw material management. As the world’s leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management, IFAT Munich has been the world’s flagship trade fair for environmental protection professionals since 1996, leading the latest trends in the international environmental protection industry and recognised as a global wind vane for the industry. IFAT Munich is recognised as the global benchmark for the environmental industry. The show will be accompanied by a series of forums on leading technologies and services for the environmental industry, covering all aspects of water, wastewater and waste management.

Hall A1, Booth 104-B, Dates 13-17 May, 2024

One of GN’s flagship products is its sludge dewatering centrifuge. This efficient and reliable machine is designed to handle both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering needs. The centrifuge’s ensures maximum solid-liquid separation, resulting in dryer sludge and clearer effluent. This not only reduces the volume of sludge requiring disposal but also lowers operational costs and environmental impact.

GN’s solid vacuum pump is a fully automated conveying equipment which is capable of handling a wide range of materials, including liquids, slurries, solid powders, and gravels. Its robust construction and high-performance capabilities make it a valuable addition to any environmental processing system.

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