Vacuum Pump for Sludge/Solids/Mud Transferring/Conveying

GN Solids Control attended CIPPE Beijing exhibition show from March. 27th~29th, 2019, and our Hot Sale Vacuum Pump  received big attention among the visitors, and many people came to our exhibition booth for consulting more information about this pump.

GN Sludge Vacuum Pump is widely used for Waste Mud/Solids transferring, waste pit and tank/well bottom cleaning, animal waste cleaning, and bed silt cleaning, etc.

100% Air Operation
Safest in the industry
NO internal workings/moving parts
Fixed or mobile system
Generates 25”hg vacuum
One-man Operation
Reverse Vacuum

GN Company has developed Three Models based on clients’ requirement as below,

GNSP-40B, with Max Capacity 40 m3/h.
GNSP-20B, with Max Capacity 20 m3/h.
GNSP-10B, with Max Capacity 10 m3/h.

Sludge Vacuum Pump

GN Vacuum Pump is a type of Pneumatic Pump, with sucking material by vacuum (negative pressure), while Vacuum Degree can be 85Kpa/25 inch HG, then discharging by positive pressure supplied by air compressor.

Horizontal suction distance can be  50 m, and discharge distance can be 500 m~1000 m, with maximum solids content can be 80%, and maximum solids size 50~75 mm. The Air demand ranges from 4.3~17 m3/min & 80~114 PSI.

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The Biggest Three Petroleum, Oil & Gas Events/Exhibition

CIPPE (China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition), OTC (The Offshore Technology Conference), and SPE Offshore Europe (OE) are the three biggest Petroleum Oil & Gas Exhibitions.
The CIPPE is the biggest Petroleum Show in Asia, an annual exhibition of petroleum and petrochemical industry, with exhibition space about 90,000 sqm, 1,800 exhibitors and over 117,000 professional visitors from 65 countries, including USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Russia, Korea etc.

CIPPE received great support from domestic oil giants such as CNPC, Sinopec Oil Engineering Machinery Company, CNOOC,  while some global reputable enterprises also participated in the exhibition.

GN Solids Control attended the CIPPE Beijing Show from March 27th~29th, 2019, and displayed our full product line-up, including Decanter Centrifuge, Shale Shaker, Screen, Pump (Centrifuge Pump & Vacuum Pump), Oil Sludge Treatment System, etc.

Decanter Centrifuge is mainly used for Solids and Liquid Separation, including the items as below,

Dewatering sludge/mud and suspensions
Thickening sludge or mud
Clarifying different type liquids
Classifying solids in a wet suspension by grain size
Separation of solids according to various densities

GN Decanter Centrifuge can be widely used for Drilling Mud Solids Control, HDD, TBM, Bored Piling, Mining Industry, Food and Beverage Industries.

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System can be widely used for waste oil sludge/sand from Raw Oil Tank, Refinery Plant, Drilling Site.

The treatment process is mainly as follow, firstly heating and chemical washing the oil sludge, secondly removing big size of solid by shale shaker, thirdly removing fine solids by decanter centrifuge, and fourthly separating water and oil.

The oil recovered from oil sludge can be sold to the refinery plant, as solid & water content in the oil is less than 3%.

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Centrifuge for Soybean Protein Concentration

Recently a farmer contacted our Houston office for help, as he has a big farm for growing up huge amount of Soybean, before he generally exported to outside American directly, now he prefer to do SPC, named Soybean Protein Concentration, that would brought him much more profit from Soybean Protein than exporting soybean directly.

He consulted with professional Lab in university for detailed SPC process, and what he wants from us is to do the separation job and concentration, as GN is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for 11 years.

30 inch bowl diameter GN centrifuge

The detailed SPC process offered by GN Company is below,

The First Time of Extraction & Separation (1 set of Decanter Centrifuge), with feeding liquid moisture content 87.5%.
The Second Time of Extraction & Separation (1 set of Decanter Centrifuge), with feeding liquid moisture content 96.7%.
The Third Time of Extraction & Separation (1 set of Decanter Centrifuge), with feeding liquid moisture content 96.8%.
Acid Settlement Separation (2 sets of Decanter Centrifuge), with feeding liquid moisture content 94.1%.
Washing Separation (1 set of Decanter Centrifuge), with feeding liquid moisture content 88.4%.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for 11 years, and supplies about 300 sets of decanter centrifuges every year, with 70% for the International Market, including UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, China, etc.

GN Company has two factories under operation, and a third one under manufacturing now, with more than 100, 000 square meters totally.

GN Company guarantees the goods (wearing spare parts and Pump Engine excluded) for 14 Months after shipment or 12 months after commissioning whichever comes first, during the guarantee period, and we would be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material.

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GN Tandem Shale Shakers Ready for Shipment for Middle Oilfield Service Company

A Middle East Oilfield Service Company ordered some Tandem Shale Shakers from GN Company, now these shakers are ready for final shipment. And Tandem Shake Shaker is generally two units of shale shakers installed on one skid, and these two shakers are of the same model.

With these two shakers on one skid, the treatment capacity would be bigger. And sometimes, if the project is under low working load, and the operators can stop one shaker for checking and maintenance.

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of Shake Shaker for 11 years, with supplying about 250 sets of Shale Shaker every year, and exporting to about 75 countries, including USA, Canada, UAE, South Africa, India, China, etc.

GN can manufacture shale shaker with capacity ranges from 45~140 m3/h, and screen area 1.35~2.7 m2. Besides single deck shaker, GN can supply double shaker, widely used for piling, TBM, big oil & gas drilling rig, big trench-less project, etc.

GN shale shaker has advantages as follow,

Shale shaker deck angle is adjustable while working with reliable performance.
Shale shaker bottom deck is made of Stainless Steel, for long service life.
Heat treatment on complete shale shaker deck, for High G force operation.
Famous Brand Vibration Motors and Electrical components.

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Fully Hydraulic Drive Decanter Centrifuge for Middle East

A Middle East client ordered some Fully Hydraulic Driven (FHD) Decanter Centrifuges from GN Company, with centrifuge feeding pump.

Fully Hydraulic Driven Centrifuge is driven by Hydraulic Pump with two units of hydraulic oil circuits, one for Bowl drive system, one for Scroll drive system.

GN Company can manufacture and supply FHD centrifuge with bowl diameter from 9 ~30 inch, and provide professional Centrifuge Feeding Pump with 10~90 m3/h, 4~22 Kw.

Decanter Centrifuge

GN worked together with the reputable centrifuge hydraulic driving system manufacturer from Switzerland for developing this fully hydraulic system, in order to reach the requirement for high standard from the international market and the high-class market in China.

GN FHD Decanter Centrifuge has advantages as follow,

1. Centrifuge, Hydraulic Driving System, and Control System is installed in one skid, and it can be easy for rigging up.

2. Operator can control centrifuge with PLC system, which is easy, smart, and with safety protection.

3. The bowl and scroll is processed by high precision CNC machine and balanced by advanced balancing machine. Performance is stable and maintenance is less. Centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material much denser to avoid bubble.


GN Decanter Centrifuge can be widely used for industries as below,

Environmental & Wastewater Treatment

Mining and Construction

Chemical & Pharma

Food & Beverage

Edible Oil

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