GN Company Supplied Automatic Tank Cleaning System for South American Market

Recently GN Company finished production of One Unit of Tank Cleaning System for client from South American.

GNTC-30C Automatic Tank Cleaning System is used for cleaning Mud Tank, Oil Tank, Chemical Tank, etc. Its working procedure is to transfer cleaning water to High Pressure Tank Cleaning Machine mounted on the tank, and Integrated Pump would pump waste water back into Tank Cleaning System for filtration & Separation. Then the clean water after treatment would go back to the system for reuse.

Tanking Cleaning System Detailed Procedure is as below,

  1. High Pressure Centrifugal pump (8) pump clean water from Buffer tank (7) and supply to tank cleaning machine(2) to clean the mud tank.
  2. Suction Pump (2) suck dirty wash water from mud tank through the strainer (1) which will filter the coarse solids.
  3. The suction pump (2) will feed dirty water through the static mixer to inclined plate clarifier (5).
  4. The chemical dosing system (3) will supply chemical/flocculants to the static mixer (4) to mix with the dirty water to enhance the separation in the IPC.
  5. The inclined plate clarifier (5) will separate settable solids.
  6. The clean water from IPC (5) will overflow to buffer tank (7).
  7. The buffer tank level control system will control the pumps automatically.
  8. Membrane Pump (6) will take the settable slurry from the IPC (5) to Skip.

Welcome to contact GN Company for Technical Specifications & Working Vedio.

GN Company attended IE EXPO CHINA 2019 in Shanghai

GN Conveying & Separation Company attended IE EXPO CHINA 2019 dated on April 15~17th, 2019, at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This is Asian’s leading environmental show, with covering all the high potential markets in environmental area as below,
Water/Waste Water and Sewage Treatment
Waste Management
Site Remediation
Air Pollution Control and Air Purification

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Waste Water & Oil Sludge Treatment System (removing Solids and Water, and collecting Clean Oil for reuse) for 11 years, including,

Decanter Centrifuge (widely used for Solid Liquid Separation, Mud/Sludge De-watering)
Solids/Sludge Vacuum Pump (widely used for Sludge, Solids, Slurry Transferring & Conveying)
Oil Water Separator
Tank Cleaning System
Mud Agitator
Screw Conveyor, etc.

Now GN Company has three factories, about one hour from the Beijing International Airport by car, with more than 100,000 square meters totally, and supplying equipment to about 76 countries.

Besides GN Company, all the other Chinese main environmental protection engineering companies and service companies also participated in the exhibition.

GN showed three devices for this exhibition as below,

1. Decanter Centrifuge (GNLW224E & GNLW363)
2. Sludge/Solids Vacuum Pump (GNSP-40 & GNSP-20)
3. Centrifugal Sand Pump

Welcome to contact GN Company for more Technical Specifications & Working Video of our equipment.

It is acceptable to post sample to our factories for testing and checking.

GN Supplied One Set of Oil Sludge Treatment System for Asia Client

Recently GN Company supplied one set of Oil Sludge Treatment System for Asia client recently, with Model GNOST-05A, capability 5 m3/h.

The Oil Sludge generally is from Oil Tank, Refinery Plant, or Drilling Rig. GN Company’s system can be used for recollecting Oil, Water and Solids separately, with achieving result as follow, Oil Content in Solid < 2%, Solis & Water Content in Oil < 3%, and Oil Content in Water is 500~1000 PPM.

The main procedure is as below,
1. Premixing oil sludge with chemical and heating water.
2. Removing Coarse Solids (bigger than 100um) by Shaker.
3. Removing find solids (less than 10um) by Decanter Centrifuge.
4. Separating Oil, Water and little ultra-fine Solid by a Disc Centrifuge (vertical).

GN Oil Slugdge Treament system also provide chemical dosing module, pump, transferring pipeline and other accessories.

GN Company focus on manufacturing Industrial Separation & Conveying equipment for 11 years, including Decanter Centrifuge, Sludge/Solids Vacuum Pump, Screw Conveyor, etc.

Based on advanced manufacturing capability, GN can offer Turnkey Solution for Industrial Wastewater & Sewage Treatment, Oil Sludge Treatment, etc.

GN Company now has two factories under operation, and a third one under manufacturing now, with more than 100, 000 square meters totally, and supplying equipment to more than 75 countries.

Welcome to contact GN Company for technical specifications, working video and sales reference about our Oil Sludge Treatment System.

Mud Recycling System for Bored Piling/HDD/TBM/Water Well Drilling/Diamond Drilling Project

Recently GN Company received inquiries from Vietnam, South Korea, Bengal, ect for Mud Recycling System for their projects, including Piling, HDD, etc.

GN Company focus on manufacturing Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment & Mud Recycling System for 11 years, widely used for Bored Piling, Trenchless HDD project, TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), Water Well Drilling/Diamond Drilling Project, with turnover reached more than 25 million dollars in 2018, and exporting to about 75 countries, including Canada, USA, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore, India, Pakistan, etc.

A brief introduction about GN Mud Recycling System,

Feeding Mud (by pump) into GN Mud Recycling System, firstly the mud would be entered into bottom layer screen of shale shaker through buffer box, and big/coarse particles would be separated out, while mud fluid would flow into mud storage tank through the bottom layer screen.

Then centrifugal pump would take mud from storage tank for feeding into Desander Cone. Solid and Liquid would be separated because of Centrifuge Pressure. So solid would be discharged to the upper shaker from outlet nipple of desander cone, for separating fine solids. While Clean Mud would enter into intermediary tank through desnader cone overflow pipe.

Welcome to contact GN Company for working video & sales references.


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GN Decanter Centrifuge for Middel East Market

Recently GN Company finished production of 10 sets of Decanter Centrifuges, ordered by a client from Middle East Company.

The model this client ordered is GNLW363, with bowl diameter about 360 mm, bowl speed 0~3200 RPM, and G force 3063 G, widely used for Mud/Sludge Dewatering, thickening, and different types of liquids clarifying.

GN Decanter Centrifuge working procedure is as below,

feeding the Liquid/Sludge into the decanter centrifuge, and both screw conveyor (within Bowl) and Bowl would rotate at a high speed, but different rate.

The solid and liquid would come into Two Rings separately, named Solid Ring and Liquid Ring.

While liquid’s specific gravity would be less than solid, so Liquid Ring would be closed to the Central Axis, and the Solid Ring would be closed to Bowl.

Because of the different speed of Bowl and Screw Conveyor, so Solid would be pushed to Cone end, while Liquid would be pushed to other end.

GN is a professional manufacturer Decanter Centrifuge for 11 years, and supplying about 250 sets for International market every year, including USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Australia, UAE, China, etc.

GN can supply from 9 inch (220mm) to 30 inch (760mm), with bowl length and diameter ration up to 4.2, and adjustable G force is up to 3000G, to meet different requirements.

GN guarantees the goods for 14 Months after shipment or 12 months after commissioning whichever comes first.

Welcome to contact GN Company for more Technical Specifications and Working Video of Decanter Centrifuge.