Recently GN Company finished production of One Unit of Tank Cleaning System for client from South American.

GNTC-30C Automatic Tank Cleaning System is used for cleaning Mud Tank, Oil Tank, Chemical Tank, etc. Its working procedure is to transfer cleaning water to High Pressure Tank Cleaning Machine mounted on the tank, and Integrated Pump would pump waste water back into Tank Cleaning System for filtration & Separation. Then the clean water after treatment would go back to the system for reuse.

Tanking Cleaning System Detailed Procedure is as below,

  1. High Pressure Centrifugal pump (8) pump clean water from Buffer tank (7) and supply to tank cleaning machine(2) to clean the mud tank.
  2. Suction Pump (2) suck dirty wash water from mud tank through the strainer (1) which will filter the coarse solids.
  3. The suction pump (2) will feed dirty water through the static mixer to inclined plate clarifier (5).
  4. The chemical dosing system (3) will supply chemical/flocculants to the static mixer (4) to mix with the dirty water to enhance the separation in the IPC.
  5. The inclined plate clarifier (5) will separate settable solids.
  6. The clean water from IPC (5) will overflow to buffer tank (7).
  7. The buffer tank level control system will control the pumps automatically.
  8. Membrane Pump (6) will take the settable slurry from the IPC (5) to Skip.

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