Although the oil and gas industry makes many oil
and gas pertaining companies to feel sad in the past year by the low price from
the crude oil, there are still likelihood for the good companies. Including GN
Solids Control, their own clients are still buying. The particular drilling
companies in South africa are still looking forward to a better future to come
by fully organized for equipments and staff members.
This time, GN Solids Control sent engineers to a Upper Africa company on
request with the client to do the having of 1 set of mud flower and 4 sets
connected with waste management systems.

That is a large drilling company with Africa which provides solids control and waste
management equipment
and services to the essential oil companies who have
oil job areas in Africa. They use workers from local South africa while
importing equipments via all over the world. Before, they acquired equipment
from USA simply, but in case of the lower oil price, in order to get some sort
of squeezed benefit to be much larger, they choose to find vendors from China,
and they visited just about all main Chinese rig suppliers and solids control makers and finally
decide to buy from GN Solids Control.
one GN is most well known solids control manufacturer in China and taiwan and
also 1st API licensed in China.
2 . aside from API certifications, GN also obtained ISO, DNV CE, HSE and etc
certificates, exhibiting the responsibility of the company for the society and
a few. GN’s product including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker  , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud
cleaner , desander and
desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator
, decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc .is the same as the US
and Europe providers, in another word, from GN, they can buy at a considerably
better price than US or maybe European suppliers but the high quality is
4. Reassured after sale service as well as spare parts, for main tools and
systems, GN give engineers for first time having and training for end user’s
operators for free for a single week.
Regarding spare parts, GN usually have necessary spare parts in commodity for
quick delivery.
That is why more and more drilling corporations and oil service global
businesses are choosing to cooperate along with GN Solids Control.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is major manufacturer
in solids control and mud recycling. Apart from as the top one in solids
control field for coal and oil drilling, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is usually
the top one in mud
cleaning system
and mud recycling systems to get Bored Piling, Horizontal
Online Drilling, Tunneling and so on. Acquire GN 500 gpm mud system as an
example, GN offers 4 standard models with various equipment for different kinds
of drilling activities.

GNMS-500D economic mud cleaning system, also known as the actual desander unit is used
to scrub drilling slurry of uninterested piling. It is a 2 cycle treatment
plant with a desander mini cleaner mounted on a new tank which is divided into
2 compartments: shaker compartment as well as desander compartment. Normally
zero mud mixing device should be used. The slurry coming out via bore piles
will be gathered in a mud pit that a submersible slurry pump will deliver the
slurry in order to smoothly and stably give food to GN 2 phase mud treating
cleaner through a load box. The slurry will certainly flow across the mini
cleaner’s bottom deck fixed using 25 mesh screen major the liquids mixed with
good solids to across the screen openings while coarse solids to stay on the
screen in addition to move forward until stepping away. The liquids will be
compiled at shale
compartment and also pumped to the desander cyclone for the second
stage therapy with particles over 30 microns being separated. You will have top
deck screen to be dried the liquids as the dewatering screen. After that, the
slurry is cleaner and having the ability to be reused. Now we have currently
delivered many sets to several countries. Around 10 pieces are now operating in
Myanmar pipe piling site.

Few days before, GN’s
waste management equipment
with regard to 3 rigs passed the particular
commissioning and started running inside Nigeria. Total 33 products equipment
were involved such as waste cuttings drying gear, ultra fine solids parting
equipment and transferring products. The pictures was taken through our
commissioning engineer whenever completion of the installation as well as
The client is one of the major drilling contractors in Nigeria, this is already
the 3rd purchase from this clients. Before this particular project, the client
order ten units waste decanter
and 1 complete mud plant system from GN Solids Control.
Below back links to the other 2 projects intended for reference:
1 . Liquid Mud Plant System for Photography equipment Drilling
2 . Ten models GN Decanter Centrifuge regarding Africa Drilling Company
All these 33 units equipment are usually listed as below:
three or more set vertical
cuttings dryer
which is main drying devices for waste cuttings, with all
the max. speed up to twelve hundred RPM, the G pressure could be up to 750.

some sets high speed VFD decanter centrifuges would meet the client’s different
requests on surgery speed and waste ailments.
Total 9 unit twist pumps, with 6 of those for feeding the aura discharged out
from the vertical cuttings dryer to decanter centrifuges, while the other 3
model for flushing to clean typically the cuttings dryer.
15 established screw conveyors are located about site accordingly for switching
the drilling waste into the dryer unit and accumulating the solids discharged
in the dryer and centrifuge.
In accordance with the feedback from the client, immediately after several
orders of GN’s equipment, they are very more comfortable with the performance.
This time, they will replaced all the equipment at a USA brand that pricing a
little high by using GN’s equipment with good feedback on both the cost and

GN nowadays has developed a series of tools especially for drilling waste
management also including the dewatering system and solidification unit. When any
request aroused, simply feel free to contact with us.

It has been years since GN
products became popular among Russian companies, especially for Drilling
companies and oilfield service companies. Not long ago, there are a lot of solids control equipments shipped
to Russian for a drilling rig’s complete solids control line, including shale
, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges of middle speed and high
speed, the vacuum
, and feeding pumps for desander and desilter
cones for the mud cleaner, the feeding pumps for the decanter centrifuges and
also, the mud mixers and mud guns.

In fact, ever since GN Solids
Control was established years ago, the foreign market has been occupying a
large share of GN Solids Control’s market share. Not only the Russian spoken
countries, but also the Middle East, the Asian countries, the South American
countries and the high standard market including the European countries and
Australia, GN Solids Control has been their first choice among all Chinese

Why not other brands come from
USA or Europe?

GN Solids Control has been
providing the solids control industry with its high standard international standard
products. GN always believes in Quality first, price second. After becoming the
first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has
been certified by HSE, ISO, DNV CE and many other certificates internationally. GN Solids American is
the first USA based solids control company from China, and before the establish
of GN US branch, GN’s products have been accepted by US and Canadian clients
and have been competing with them in their local market. Until now, GN’s
products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

Why choose GN among all Chinese
suppliers in this field?

Of course, quality and reliability
are always most important factors when the end users choose the brand or
supplier. GN Solids Control has a good reputation during the years, and clients
mostly come from introduction by old clients. There is an old Chinese saying
that seeing is believing, at any time, welcome to visit and inspect GN factory
and office near to Beijing airport, the capital of China.

It is very strange that China even
have more strict environmental requirement on the dredging field than all over
the world, on the waste solids disposal and also the fluid dump, no matter
how it have been applied on field, in paper it is really advanced. So
basically when the oil market is down, we get a chance there, some client
in dredging field said. Just like you have done in drilling
waste management
field. Also we have realised that not
only china all over the world, people are taking more care on the
environmental protection. For dredging, what we need is: Recycle the cleaner fluids.

Dump and reuse as much as possible on
the solids.

Not like the oil gas drilling, from the
pond, or from the river, from sea, there are sands, rocks, and other
things as you can imagine which have been buried in it. So
the separation seems very different. Except the basic concepts.

Separate the biggest particles and
other stuff other than the sands and silts. There are many ways to do this, one
is dig another pit / pond, with at big screen from where dredging pump
feeds, let the screen separate unreasonable parts to the pond, keep them away
from the progress. Another way is gumbo box, it is quite same as
the mining applications, to separate the biggest rocks from the first
step, then others feeding directly to the shale

Then directly, or by another pump from the
pond. The feeding goes to the double deck shaker. In GN Solids Control , it is GNZS706E,
which is good to separate the bigger sands and the most of
the bigger solids. going through two sieves. 

Catched by the pump, feeding to the
cyclones, to get the silts separated.

Then in the same way, separated by the
decanter centrifuge.

Sometimes it also need help from chemicals
that why a flocculent unit is there. To concentric the small particles
to be bigger ones, then easier to be separated.

Kindly contact GN for a full solution.