Desilter description come from gnsolidsamerica

Flush the desilter drilling equipment according to item 4.2.4 when start-up it after a long time idle. Drum must begin running when main driving motor’s speed reaches 80~90% of its full speed, otherwise stop the motor immediately. Check if the oil level of the coupler correct, or any obstruction exists in the drum. Service oil temperature can’t exceed 90°C when the coupler run continuously. The melting temperature of the meltable plug in the coupler is 125°C. If the oil temperature exceed 125°C because of overload, fusible alloy in the meltable plug is melt , the oil in it spays out , at this time, Desilter must be stopped at once. Supply oil as above mentioned. Replace the meltable plug with another one of the same specification. Caution: Don’t replace the meltable plug with solid bolt. After using, flush the drum and inner cavity . Caution: When you flush the underflow nozzle of drum’s small end, never strentch your fingers into the hole because screw propeller may be still running even though the drum has stopped rotating, fingers may be cut off!! Mud filling speed should below 40m3/h, otherwise, it is easy to cause overload in charged mud and then make the shear pin to be cut or clutch slips. In non-charged mud, liquid phase may flow away from the underflow opening, cause waste. Separating effect will decrease when mud viscosity at inlet opening exceed 38 seconds. Fill amount of water in to dilute and decrease funnel viscosity below 35 seconds. Operation personnel should check and see bearing holder’s temperature on two ends, differential temperature and sand discharging condition. If discharged sand is thin slurry which can flow continuously and automatically, it means that the separating effect is the best, and with light load, this is very important for prolonging the life of the centrifuge. If discharged sand is lump and come out discontinuously, at the same time, it looks very dry. It means that mud with too much sand and centrifuge’s load is too heavy, adequate split-flow should be done. Otherwise, it will lead to main motor’s stoppage because of overload or main bearing and differential’s temperature rising. In another word, main bearing or differential’s temperature rising(main bearing’s temperature exceed 70°C, differential’s exceed 50°C) indicate that mud has too much sand and split-flow should be done,Drain off remained liquid in the drum when stopping the centrifuge in winter and rescrew the bolt after the liquid is drain off(the bolt is at the big end of drum).

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