GN Company has more advantages for supplying System’s Equipment

GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Separation & Conveying Equipment for 13 years, including 2/3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge, 2/3 Phase Disc Separator, Oil Water Separator, Sludge Solids Vacuum Transferring Pump, Screw Conveyor, etc. 

Besides the single unit of equipment, GN Company has more advantages for supplying complete customized system, including Oil Sludge Treatment/Recovering System, Mud Solids Control System, Solids Waste Management System, etc. 

We would like to make some detailed introduction about Oil Sludge Treatment System as follow,
1. Suction Module, we have Sludge Solids Vacuum Transferring Pump
2. Pre-mixing Module, for heating and adding polymer (flocculent or demulsifier)
3. Screening Module, for separating out coarse particle,﹥500um
4. Centrifuge Module, for solid oil water separation, including 2/3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge + 3 Phase Disc Separator
5. Chemical Dosing Module
6. Tank, Pipeline, and accessories

Treatment Result,
Oil in Solids, 1~3%
Sediment & Water in Oil, 2~3%
Oil content in Water, 1000~3000ppm

GN Company can offer customized treatment unit to reduce oil content in water to 50~100ppm.

Please find video about Oil Sludge Treatment System from Linkage as follow,

GN Company has already supplied the system to clients in UAE, Europe, Kazakhstan, Canada, Finland, Oman, Africa, etc.

GN Company is capable to do Lab Test for clients’ sample oil sludge by advanced Lab equipment. It would help technical engineers to be clearer about the project, and send the best solution based on the detailed specifications.

Best & Regards,

Kevin Liu

Regional Manager
GN Separation & Conveying

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