GN Company Offers Disc Centrifuge for European Client

Recently GN Company supplied one unit of 2 Phase Disc Stack Separator for European Client’s Beverage Plant. The Separator is used for clarifying the liquid, removing the yeast after fermentation.

Disc Separator is specially used for two and three phase separation. Two-Phase Separation is to separate the suspended solid from liquid, or separate two kinds of liquid but different specific gravity and also are immiscible. Three-Phase Separator is to separate two kinds of immiscible liquid and solid at the same time.

Here is a brief introduction about the Working Principle of Disc Separator:

After Material feeding into the heart parts of Separator (the inside of Bowl), because of strong Centrifugal Force, the Material Mixture passes through the interval of a group of disc pieces bundles, the heavy phase moves outward the neutral hole along the disc pieces, among which, the sludge accumulate in sediment area, while heavy phase flows to Big Centripetal Pump, and light phase moves to small centripetal pump, then discharged respectively.

GN Company is professional manufacturer of Centrifuge for 13 years, including 2/3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge, 2/3 Phase Disc Separator. Now GN Company has supplied equipment to more than 70 countries, including UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, India,

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