GN Company Supplied Decanter Centrifuge for European Client

Recently client from Europe ordered one unit of Decanter Centrifuge for olive oil processing, with capacity about 10 m3 per hour.

GN Company has been a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for about 10 years, with capabilities to manufacture Decanter Centrifuge with bowl diameter from 220mm to 760mm, and capacity from 1~2 m3 per hour to 120 m3 per hour.

When the clients come to GN for new projects, the Engineers always suggest the clients to answer a professional questionnaire, in order to find out the best model for clients’ project.

The questionnaire mainly includes questions as follow.
1. What is the main purpose of separation, and capacity requirement? For example, solids dewatering, solid-liquid separation, or solid-liquid-liquid separation. GN Engineers need to consider 2-phsae or 3-phase Decanter/Separator for clients’ projects.
2. What is the make-up of feeding inlet? What is the liquid phase and solids phase, and where are they from?
3. What is solid content percentage in the feeding inlet? It’s better to calculate the percentage by volume, instead of weight. Solids content plus capacity requirement can help engineers to find out the exact model. GN Company now is capable to manufacture 760mm bowl diameter decanter, with capacity 100~120 m3 per hour.
4. What is the solid particle in the feeding inlet? Engineers shall consider if it is necessary to add pre-treatment equipment, which can remove coarse particles. For example, 10mm particles.
5. What is the client requirement after treatment by Decanter Centrifuge? Some clients need the outlet cake to be as dry as possible, some clients need the outlet liquid to be clean, and some other clients choose between them.

There are some other details, which shall be put high attention on, for example, if the Decanter shall be explosion proof or not, if the feeding inlet has high corrosive (for example, high content of chloride), etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer one stop turnkey solution for your project.

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