GN Company Supplied Decanter Centrifuge for European Client

Client from Europe ordered one unit of Decanter Centrifuge for their refinery plant, used for oily wastewater dewatering.

Before this European client thought our Decanter’s bowl speed and centrifuge force are lower, when compared with European manufacturers. It is fact that Bowl Speed and g-force are important factor for dewatering capacity of Decanter. But that is not to say that dewatering capacity would increase as bowl speed increases, because capacity has limited value considering certain bowl size of decanter. Based on GN Company’s Engineers’ experience, 3400~3800 RPM is the optimal speed for this size of Decanter (bowl size 360mm). If the speed passes 3800rpm, the dewatering capacity would not increase. And at higher speed, the screw of decanter would suffer greater resistance to discharge sludge, and become more quickly to get abrasion. Therefor higher speed reduces the working hours/life of Decanter. Above all, GN Technical Team suggests it’s best to keep the Decanter within the range of its optimal speed.

GN Company’s Decanter Centrifuge’s speed can be adjustable through VFD in the control cabinet.
The presence of sediments in the liquid phase after treatment by GN Company Decanter is that Sediments in the liquid phase would not be recognized by eyes.

And GN Company Decanters’ both Vibration Protection and Bearing Temperature Protection are available and optional, and it can added based on clients’ requirement.

GN Company can also offer Main Motor Failure Alarm (including overload, current/torque, under-voltage, etc.), Back Motor Failure Alarm (including overload, current/torque, under-voltage, etc.), and Sludge Feeding Pump Failure Alarm.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer One Stop Turnkey Solution based on clients’ requirement.

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