GN Large Linear Vibrating Screen GNLS3061 Ready for Shipping to Domestic Iron Mine

Recently GN has completed 4 Units GNLS3061 large Linear Vibrating screen, they will be sent to Domestic company which fous on Iron Mine.

In general Linear vibrating screens are an important piece of equipment used in a variety of industrial processing applications, including mining, aggregates, and other materials handling.


  1. In mining and mineral processing, linear vibrating screens are used to separate run-of-mine ores, concentrates, and other materials by particle size.
  2. They can be used for scalping, dewatering, classifying, and de-sliming operations.
  3. Common mineral processing applications include coal, iron ore, sand and gravel, and other aggregates.
  4. The screens can handle high throughput volumes while providing effective separation and screening.


  • Linear vibrating screens use an eccentric drive mechanism to create a linear, back-and-forth vibrating motion across the screen deck.
  • This linear motion, as opposed to a circular or elliptical motion, helps materials move efficiently across the screen surface.
  • The screen deck is typically made of woven wire mesh or punched plate to allow fine materials to pass through while retaining larger particles.

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