GN Sludge Solids Transferring Pump Received Great Attention among African Clients

Recently GN Company received enquiries from African clients about our Sludge Solids Transferring Pump. The Pump can be used to transfer Solid, Liquid, and its mixture. The Pump is widely used in different applications, including food & beverage, petroleum, environment protection, power & energy, construction, mining, etc.

Sharing videos about our Pump during work, please find from linkages as follow (YouTube and our company website)

Technical Engineers from GN Company have already developed 3 models of Pump with different capacities, including 10/20/40 m3/hour. And its transfer distance details are as follow:

From Horizontal,
Its Maximum Suction Distance 50m
Its Maximum Discharge Distance 1000m
From Vertical,
Its Maximum Suction Distance 8m
Its Maximum Discharge Distance 80m

All these figures are calculated based on clean water, it might reduce some during actual work.

GN Company has already supplied this Pump to clients in UK, Norway, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, India, UAE, Oman, Nigeria, etc.

Welcome to visit our factories, and GN Sales Managers would offer the Best Solution for your project specially.

And it’s acceptable to do Pump Trial Test with Clients’ sample within GN Factories in China.

Best & Regards,

Kevin Liu (Regional Manager)
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