GN solid-liquid separation decanter centrifuge

When you need separate solid /liquid mixtures with high solids content, you can choose a decanter centrifuge.Decanter centrifuges can be optimally adjusted for specific applications. Applications range from sludge dewatering to classification or wet classification to solid classification.

GN decanter is a horizontal,continuously working and continuously spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge.It is used in a variety or industries for separating all kinds of solid liquid suspension,defecating liquid phase with graded grains,and dehydrating sludge.

Main Characteristics
1.Continuous working,spiral discharging,high capacity.
2.Controlled by two motors,rovolving drum can be adjustable two stage separately.
3.Wide applicability for chemical,oil,foodstuff,pharmacy industries and green industry in which solid-liquid separation is required.
4.Suitable for various products,capable for separating wide ranging solid phase grains(0.002-2mm),especially when separating solid phase has different size grains

Special Allocation
Following allocation can be possible to meet customer’s demand
1.Frequency conversion plus PLC controlling system
2. Protection system for vibration and temperature rising
3.Feeding speed control
4.Gas-liquid separation device on liquid outle