GN Supplied Solids Vacuum Pump for European Client

Client from Europe ordered one unit of Solids Vacuum Pump, and it would be used to transfer chemical powder in their chemical processing factory.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Solid Liquid Separation & Conveying Equipment, and Solids Vacuum Pump is one of the hottest-sale conveying equipment. Because it has much more application than common pump, as it can be used to transfer solids, powder, sand, soil, slurry, sludge, water, and their mixture.

Please find the pump working video from linkage as below (YouTube).

The suction depth can be 8 meters, discharge head can reach 80 meters, and horizontal suction distance can be 50 meter, and discharge distance can reach 1000 meters maximum. (Attn. the distance is all calculated based on Clean Water, and its actual performance during work depends on clients’ specific project)

And clients don’t need to worry about its safety in dangerous environment, because the Pump is 100% air operated/driven, and doesn’t cost electricity/diesel. And GN Engineers suggest Air Compressor to supply air for Pump. Generally GN Company suggests clients to find Air Compressor in local market, in order to save purchase and shipment cost, while GN Company also has reliable supplier of air compressor manufacture, and can deliver pump with air compressor as a complete set.

Welcome to post sample to GN factories, and GN Engineers would arrange actual trial test with clients’ sample by the Pump, and share video to clients.

Till now, GN Company has already supplied the Pump to clients in Norway, UK, Greece, Portugal, France, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Nigeria, Egypt, etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer professional service for clients’ specific project requirement.

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