Solids Vacuum Pump for European Client

GN Company completed production of 2 units Solids Vacuum Pumps and shipped out last week. The Pump would be used for slurry transferring in a mine.

The Pump can be used to transfer sludge, solids, powder, sand, soil, slurry, and mixture. Please find the pump working video on YouTube, linkage as below.

It is 100% air operation/driven, and there is not cost of electricity or diesel itself. The air for the Pump is generally supplied by Air Compressor, and GN Company suggests clients to find air compressor in local market, which can save purchase and shipment cost.

The Pump is working continuously, and both suction and discharge are adjustable within 0~30 seconds. The vacuum of the Pump is created by venture, when the vacuum/negative pressure is created in the Pump, the slurry would be sucked into the pump body. After the pump cavity is full or it reaches the set time of suction, the Pump would come into discharge mode, where the air would be fed again in the pump via different air pipe, in order to push the slurry out of the cavity. When it reaches the set time of discharge, the Pump would begin suction again. That is the Pump working mode/circle.

GN Company now has developed 3 models of capacity, including 10m3/hour, 20m3/hour, and 40m3/hour. And for different models of Pump, the required air pressure and air amount is different, and welcome to contact GN Sales Managers for the details.

GN Company now has supplied the Pump to clients in UK, Norway, Portugal, Syria, Greece, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Canada, etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer specified solution based on clients’ projects.

Best & Regards,

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