GN Oil Water Separator for Oily Sludge Separation Systems

As the development of energy industry and also the enhancing demand of environment protection, the oily sludge, or oily waste discharged from the energy industry are being restricted to be disposed directly. The regulations and standards are more and more rigid than before. Now all the players in this field are facing a problem: how to treat the oily sludge efficiently and safely?

GN Solids Control has provided a solution, which is proved to be suitable in both domestic China and abroad. The complete system is combined of several equipment, which serve different applications, including the functions for heating, pre-mixing, reduce the viscosity, separating out the solid particles, leveling the oil and water and finally separate out all of the 3 phases.

GN Oily Sludge Separation SYSTEM
GNOWS series Oil Water Separator is one of the important equipment in an oily sludge separation system. It is located after the GNIPC Inclined Plate Clarifier or a GNLW decanter centrifuge to hold and further treat the liquid phase from forehand equipment, to separate the oil from water.
The working principle is gravity stratification cause by the different density of water and oil. Inlet of this equipment is the waste liquid, while the outlets are 3: the clean oil outlet, the clean water outlet and the gas release ports. Inside the GNOWS oil water separator, there is a detachable coalesce, when the oily wasted water enters the oil water separator and meets the detachable coalesce, the oil and water could be separated. Then the oil enters the oil chamber while the water enters the water chamber. The tank is designed to hold the liquid for a while for a complete separation of the 2 kinds of liquid. Outside the tank, there is a visible level meter, for the operator to observe the inside condition in time.
For this equipment, GN has different models for different treating capacities, please see details in GN website.