The Introduction on the Drilling Liquids

Drilling liquids has become broadly utilized in oil, gas drilling along with other drilling mud system. Using the solids control equipment, the drilling liquids might be recycled many occasions for cost saving and atmosphere protection. This short article gives an easy introduction around the purpose of the drilling liquids.

What’s the purpose of the drilling liquids?

1. Eliminating bottom from the well our prime pressure drilling liquids get out of the drill bit would flush the foot of the well make no obstacles for drilling process.

2. Carry cuttings – the drilling liquids would go ahead and take drilling cuttings to the floor surface for mud cleaning process.

3. Balance formation pressure – because of the very deep drilling, the drill bit can experience different formations for example rock formation and ground water formation. The drilling liquids here performed to avoid the floor water stepping into the drilling well. This could safeguard the geological structure.

Besides, the drilling liquids may also function to awesome lower and lubricate drill bit, safeguard borehole wall and supply downhole energy.

To completely have the drilling liquids advantages, you will find several needs around the drilling liquids.

1. The drilling liquids should meet interest in drilling mud recycling

Drilling cycle request the drilling liquids low pump pressure (low fluid viscosity), excellent capability to carry cuttings (dynamic pressure is high), low beginning pump pressure (low static shear pressure), good lube performance, low friction (less solids contaminants)

2. Keep up with the stability of borehole

It’s asked for to make use of drilling liquids column to balance the development pressure. So when drill oil and gas layer, the drilling liquids can also be required to balance pressure from the oil and gas. That will request a reliable density from the drilling mud.

3. Oil and gas protection

After drilling oil and gas layer, drilling fluid contacts with oil and gas. To avoid drilling fluid harmful the oil and gas layer, the drilling liquids ought to be small filtration, thin mud cake, low solid content and occasional filtrate of hydration etc.

4. Safeguard the character atmosphere

Drilling fluid frequently consists of oil and oil, diesel oil and a lot of chemical agents. To be able to avoid the possible effect on character atmosphere, non-toxic, harmless drilling liquids ought to be used.


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