GN Company completed production of one set of Sludge Dewatering Screw Press, and planned to ship to the European client recently. The screw press would be used for sludge dewatering of municipal sewage.
Besides Decanter Centrifuge and Filter Press, Screw Press is newly developed equipment for sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment. And it has obvious advantages of low investment, low energy cost and low operation cost. It achieves dewatering function by principle of screw extrusion, through the strong squeezing force, which is generated from the change of screw diameter and screw pitch, and the tiny gap between floating ring and fixed ring.

GN Company now is capable to manufacture Screw Press with diameter 100mm, 130mm, 200mm … 400mm, with capacity ranging from 0.28m3 per hour to 130m3 per hour. The part contact with material is always made of stainless steel 304, 316, while duplex stainless steel 2205 can also be customized based on clients’ project requirement. For example, if the sludge has high content of Chloride, common ss304 or 316 cannot work well. The Motor for screw is reputable supplier from Japan, and the electrical components are from reputable European brands.

The Screw Press has self-cleaning function, and is not easy to get blockage, and has long service working hours.

Besides supplying dewatering equipment, GN Company is also capable to supply the other supporting equipment, including Sludge Feeding Pump (progressive cavity type), Polymer Preparation Unit with Dosing Pump, Screw Conveyor, Tank, etc.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer professional One Stop Turnkey Solution for clients’ projects.

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