Sludge Vacuum Pump for European Client

Client from Africa ordered one unit of Sludge Vacuum Pump, and the Pump would be used for oily sludge cleaning in the crude oil production site.

GN Company is professional manufacturer of Vacuum Pump, and the Pump can be widely used to transfer sludge, soil, sand, powder, slurry, mud, water, etc.

Please find the pump working video from linkage as below.

GN Company Technical Team now has developed 3 models of Vacuum Pump, with different capacities, including 10m3 per hour, 20m3 per hour, and 40m3 per hour (the capacity is calculated based on clean water, and it might reduce some during actual work for clients’ project). The maximum suction distance can reach 500 meters in horizontal, and suction depth can be 8 meters. The maximum discharge distance can reach 1000meters in horizontal, and discharge height can reach 80 meters.

The pump is 100% air driven, and itself no need electricity or diesel, therefore without concern about explosion proof in dangerous environment, such as refinery plant.

The Vacuum of the Pump is created by the principle of venture, and air is always supplied Air Compressor. GN Company focus on manufacturing vacuum pump only, and we can also supply Air Compressor based on clients’ project requirement, thus we can deliver a whole package. Generally we suggest clients to find air compressor in local market, and that can save their purchase cost and shipment cost as well.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would detail solution based on clients’ requirement.

It is also acceptable to arrange trial test with clients’ sample by GN Vacuum Pump within GN Company’s factories, and clients can check the pump performance during actual operation.

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