Decanter centrifuge for overseas customer

Recently GN has completed one set GNLW364 sludge dewatering centrifuge and will send  them to overseas customers.

As is well known, decanter centrifuge is commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, and it is also widely used in the food industry. The suspension to be treated needs to meet the density difference between the solid phase and the liquid phase, so that the solid-liquid separation can be effectively carried out under the action of centrifugal force.

The GNLW364FT sludge dewatering centrifuge is an effcient and environmentlly friendly sludge dewatering equipment developed by GN company. It equip with 30KW main motor and 7.5KW back drive motor, in order to Saving electricity.It also come with a VFD control panel.

Additionally, GN usually provides a VFD control cabinet for the centrifuge, and frequency converters are installed inside to control the speed of the bowl and the screw. According to the matched feeding flow, the feed pump frequency converter will also be installed inside the control cabinet. The VFD cabinet of GN decanter centrifuge is equipped with a PLC. The operator can view the equipment operation on the touch screen and control the equipment operation through the interactive interface of the panel.

For more information about GN coal tailing slurry dewatering centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation.