Tubular centrifuge sent to Middle East Biotechnology Company

Recently GN have completed a tubular centrige and already arrange to send to the overseas clients for Microbial fermentation broth separation.

This clients was a Middle East Biotechnology Company, they choose the model GNGQ142 to do Microbial fermentation broth separation, it equip with the cooling coil, which can keep the tempearture of the fermentation at lower statue and maintain the activity. The rotor material is 316L, equipped with cooling coils to maintain the working temperature of the material, including a stainless steel variable frequency control box, with adjustable speed, speed display, and temperature display.

The device is also equipped with a frequency conversion control cabinet, which can easily adjust the speed and display the speed and temperature in real-time. This intelligent control method makes operation more convenient, while also providing customers with more flexibility.

GN high speed tubular centrifuge products have a wide range of application areas, for more detail of the tubular centrifuge, pls feel free to contact GN.