Drilling Waste High G Dryer Shaker Screen

Drilling waste high G dryer shaker screen is a particular sort of shale shaker. It use higher G force primarily utilized to treat drilling waste cuttings.
Why it’s referred to as high G dryer shaker screen, what is the distinction of high G dryer shaker screenr with solids handle shale shaker?
Yes, certainly high G dryer shaker screen is usually a kind of shaker. The distinction of high G dryer shaker screen and solids handle shale shaker as below:
1) G force various: High G dryer shaker screen may possibly make use of G force about eight.0G during separate the drilling waste cuttings, though solids manage shaker screen make use of six.5G ~ 7G for the duration of functioning. The design and application G force various.
2) Feed kind different: High G dryer shaker screen, it is actually employed to treat drilling cuttings from solids manage screen panel (shale shaker, desander, desilter). The cuttings transferred through screw conveyor auger to the high G dryer shaker screen, In this case, dryer normally is with hopper feeder. When solids manage shaker screen is usually with box feeder or weir feeder.
3) As the dryer shaker screen G force is bigger then replacement screen, in request a sturdy style for the shaker deck.
In which circumstances high G dryer shaker screen might be used?
It really is specialized for water based mud drilling cuttings separation. Followed using a higher speed centrifuge for LGS. to separate the fine solids.
two) It might be utilised for oil based mud drilling cuttings separation, because the alternative of vertical cuttings dryer (Vortex G). But is can’t separate oil based cuttings as dryer as vertical cuttings dryer.
How can buyer get quick delivery in case urgent?
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