Hook stripe flat screen and corrugate design screen comparison


It is mostly used design by
current that can fit several of shale shakers that
coordinate with the design concept
.  It is made with multiple layers of stainless
steel wire clothes together to a steel support plank.  The characteristic of this type of shale
shaker screen are list below:  

It contains different meshes on wire
cloth in the screen.  The sizes of the
holes that support the plank contain different mesh as well.  The support plank size also is different as
well.  Combine it all will get area that
is effective on condition to bearing enough liquid flow force.

The thicker wires cloth contain less
mesh at the lower bottom of the screen together with support plank so it can
added strength of the whole screen to extend usage life.

The wire cloth is divided into many
small surface grid of steel support plank which can hold the excessive
expansion to make it last as long as possible.

shaker screen

 With demand of larger and larger treating capacity
of the drilling fluid but without building larger shale shaker, the corrugate
design screen was appear in 1990s to increase the treating surface and to fit
current use shale shaker.

Corrugate design screen has large effective area, and drilling fluid
is handled in high-efficiency by using it.

This kind of sieving screen has design characteristics as follows:

 Every wire cloth in the
sieving screen has different meshes, and accurate collocation can make the
screen have better liquid treated effect.

Stainless steel wire cloth is made
it like corrugate, and closely holds metal support plank together. The
effective area can added up to 125% of the flat screen with the same specification
and the size, so as to improve the quality and treating amount of drilling
fluid and increase the production.

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Why Choose GN’s 4 Panel Shale Shaker for Solids Control

Shale shaker is a type of very common
drilling mud solids control in all kinds of drilling projects. As a leading
manufacturer of solids control equipment
, GN could provide the shale
shaker and other mud recycling equipment for oil gas
drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, tunneling and
piling projects.

The capacities of GN’s shale shaker are
200GPM, 500GPM and 600GPM under the mud condition of density 1.2g per cubic
centimeter, viscosity 45s measured by Marsh funnel viscosimeter and screen of
API 40.

GN Solids Control has a 4-panel screens
shale shaker which is the largest model in GN’s shale shaker product line. This
model could be used at the oil rig site for primary solids control. At the
consideration of easy operation and maintenance as well as the widely accepted
treating capacity, GN made the model of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker to fully
meet the market request.

So, what are the advantages of this model?
Or we say what the features are?

1. Simple structure design of the shaker
deck, the operator could observe the work performance easily. The added extra
horizontal square steel strips at both sides of the deck make the deck much stronger.  

2. The 2 vibrators located vertically with
the beam makes there is a longer connecting face which could distribute the G
force uniformly to the whole shaker deck.

3. Hidden design of the lead screw beneath
the shaker deck makes it available to adjust the shaker deck angle while the
shaker is running. The operator only need a ratchet wrench to adjust the deck
angle from one side of the lead screw, the other side would be adjusted at the
same time.

4. To ensure the better sealing
performance, the screen frame was installed a type embedded rubber sealing.
This rubber sealing will not be taken off with the exception of manually

5. Wedge blocks are used to fasten the
screen panels is also a popular method. This makes the exchanging of the screen

6. Sometimes the shale shaker could be used
as a under shaker of the mud cleaner unit. All GN’s shale shaker will have the
pre cut installation holes to install the cyclone frame. Which means GN’s
cyclone frame for mud cleaner is removable. All cyclone frame, no matter what
capacity, the installation location would be the same.

7. By changing hopper feeder, GN’s 4-panel
shale shaker could be used as a drying shaker for waste cutting management. The
G force is up to 8.

No hesitate to contact GN Solids Control
for a quote of GNZS594, especially the client from the America, as this model
is on a promotion status.

GN Presentation

Hebei GN Solids Control Limited Company is a China & USA based
manufacturer of complete line solids control equipment; waste management equipment and shaker screens. Though
established in 2007, GN solids control has been growing fast and stably:


1. GN solids control
occupies the largest portion in the international market among all China’s manufactures;

2. Already exported
to over 60 countries, 70% turnover comes from export;

3. Firstly set up USA based branch with warehouse
among all China’s solids control manufacturers

4. Partners in
Australia, the Middle East, and the Latin America have been developed.

5. A GN brand
achieved with the target to medium-high end customers;

Mainly, GN product line includes:

Solids control equipment-shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander,
desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge, also mixing device such as mud
hopper, agitator and mud gun;

Auxiliary pumps, safety device-mud gas separator and flare

Waste management equipment- high G shaker, vertical cutting dryer, decanter

Shaker screens with a specialized facility to produce, also replaceable screens for all famous brand shale shakers.
Mainly applied in Mining and industrial field, oil and gas drilling; HDD or CBM

Always, people may not trust blank words on the high quality, so
GN powerful facility will say; GN professional certificates will say.

GN owns a 65000 square meters manufacturing facility in a
well-developed industrial area, near to Beijing, 40km to Beijing International
Airport. After the presentation, we’ll show your around all workshops one by
one: firstly warehouse, workshop 1 for raw material processing; workshop 2
assembly, workshop 3 for centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer where CNC
machines are used to control quality and increase productivity, workshop 4 for
painting with ball blasting machine and auto powder coating line.

Wide yard to place big project such as solids control system and
over 30 sets decanter centrifuges.

GN America Branch with warehouse;

Also specialized factory in Asia largest wire and mesh city to
produce screens for GN shaker, also for famous brand shakers such as Derrick,

New factory especially for centrifuges is close to be finished,
ready for operation one or two month later.

GN is the first API certified solids control manufacture in China,
also certified by ISO 9001:2008, DNV CE. Russia TR&TC, HSE for safe
production; also ATEX IECEX for electric control panels.

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GN Shaker Screen for Global Clients

Solids Control is a very famous company working on solids control and drilling waste management systems for many years. Many famous clients are
using GN equipments as well as GN solids control turnkey systems.

the establishment of GN Solids America and GN Solids Russia, GN Solids Control
is providing its good quality products to over 60 countries.

GN can design and manufacture shale shakers with linear motion, vacuum
eliminate gas in the mud or drilling fluids, desilters and desanders for finer
solids separation, cuttings dryers for OBM, WBM or SBM drying work, decanter
centrifuges for 2 or 3 microns solids separation etc. GN has the ability to manufacture
various types mud tanks, mud plant, square tanks, v type tanks etc. All these
tanks can be put into use with excellent qualities.

you might know, GN Solids Control is manufacturing many different kinds of shale shaker screens. Many famous brands shaker screens can be
replaced by GN shake screens.

all know that Derrick, Brant, Fluids System etc are famous for their shakers
and screens, GN is also one famous manufacturer to offer different types of
shaker screens. For GN shakers, GN has one type of shale shaker which is 594,
this shaker are using the same size shaker screens as Mongoose. And now GN
Solids America
keeping certain storage in GN Houston warehouse. Whenever our clients have the
needs of shaker screens, GN can send our shaker screens directly to our
customers’ worksite in a short period.

GN Solids America is keep making storage plans for regular clients, we can add
it into our storage plan if you can tell us the API no. or mesh no.

also keeps some other equipments in Houston warehouse besides these shaker
screens. Equipments such as shale shakers, mud cleaners and decanter
centrifuges are stored in GN TX warehouse, welcome to give us a phone call if
you are interested.  

Hydrocyclone Installation

The mud that contain drilling cuttingreach the ground surface, the process of filtering begin start with shale shaker that contain the shale shaker screen indifferent mesh.  The whole process also
depends on the ratio of liquid and solids in the mud as well.  While treatment through shale shaker screen is necessary, it is
far from enough and that is what hydrocyclone come to use to take the
filtration to next level.

 Hydrocyclone filter less aggravate
solids that is size 15-20um, after the shale shaker.  It is install convenient to flow bottom and
also convenient for maintenance and monitoring the filtration of the drilling
mud.  The large (10 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install on upstream and the small (4 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install follow by large ones.  The hydrocyclone need to pair with drilling fluid tank and centrifugal pump.

 GN Solids
Control’s desander
have installation of 10 inch hydrocyclone
which contain between from 1 cone to 3 cones to meet the different filter
need.  To take the filtration further, it
pair with shale shaker that is detachable for convenience in change machinery
to meet the project need and maintenance.
The 4 inch hydrocyclone is for GN Solids
Control’s desilter
which contain between 8 cones to 16
cones.  The structure of the desilter is
same as desander that pair with shale shaker as well.  The desander will remove the +40 microns of solids
and desilter will remove +20 microns of solids.
The shale shaker pair with desander and desilter is linear motion with
either 2 Martin or  2 OLI brand motor
which can produce adjustable G force up to 7.5 G of force. The panel of screen
are choice of  2, 3  and 4 depend the need of the drilling
project.  All equipments construct in
explosion proof and meeting different region’s explosion proof standard.

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