Ecomondo – The Green Technology Expo

GN separation is very glad to inform that we will participate Ecomondo- The Green Technology Expo held in Rimini. Ecomondo is one of the most important envorimentual and sustainable exhibition in Italy.

The Ecomondo will be held in 7th to 10th November, lasting about 4 days. Ecomodo provide a platform for professionals and business worldwide to exchange, collaborate.

Ecomondo – The Green Technology Expo

Venue: Rimini Expo Centre, Italy
GN Booth: B7, 414

This time, GN will bring decanter centrifuge, solid vacuum pump and dewater screw press in Ramini.

GN decanter centrifuge can complete basic separation process such as solid-phase dewatering and liquid pahse clarification. The 3-phase decanter centrifuge can achieve solid-liquid-liquid separation. GN decanter centrifuge has shown excellent performance in the treatment of industiral wastewater, municipal, wastewater and oily sludge and other fileds, according to the different hourly capacity, we have some different model for your choose.

GN solid vacuum pump is fully pneumatic device that can handle various forms of waste, including liquid, slurries, powders, particles, viscous substance, etc. It is widely used in fields such as municipal sludge wastewater treatment.

Dewater screw press, it’s a kind of economic and environmental friendly sludge dewatering equipment. It is a new type of sludge extrusion dewatering equipment by using the principle of screw extrusion.

GN look forwrad to communicate with more professional clients at the Ecomondo exhibition. We wish to establish  connections with customers, partners to jonintly promote the development environmental protection.






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