GN sludge vacuum pump

GN solid vacuum pump is fully pneumatic conveying equipment, It is a type of pneumatic pump that sucks the material with vacuum produced by air operation, and then converts to positive pressure for discharging. Most of the solids, sludge and liquid could be transferred by using this pump. With special structure design of no rotating parts in the cavity, it can be used at tough environmental with high working performance and less maintenance.

The Capable of producing powerful suction up to 85Kpa(25 inHg). Discharge head and distance is large, clear water theoretical discharge height of 80 meters, horizontal distance is around 500 meters.

Sludge vacuum pump can be used for transport or removal Liquid with high solid content, oil sludge with high viscosity, can also be used for cleaning Handle bulk solid materials, including sand, dust, etc.

Air operation, no need electric power, suitable for hazardous area application.

Transferred solids size Maximum 50mm or 75mm, sludge solids content up to 80%.

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