GN Company Supplied Chemical Dosing System for Dewatering Centrifuge in Africa

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge, which can be used for clarification, dehydration, and classify the suspensions with 2um~3mm solid-phase particle. It can be widely used in the industries of washing/dehydration of starch, dehydration of soybean wheat proteins, dehydration of fish meal and fish, dehydration of brewer’s grains, purification of juice and dehydration of fruit fiber, separation and purification of animal and vegetable oil, separation and purification of coal tar, clarification and purification of gypsum, classification and dehydration of kaolin and graphic, dyes, pigment, and mineral thick liquid/slurry.

There are two Advantages about GN Company as follow,

1. Besides supplying single unit of Equipment,
GN Company takes more advantages of delivering customized One Stop Turnkey Solution for clients’ project, including Design & Manufacturing.
GN Company’s main Equipment is Centrifuge, and also manufactures and supply accessories, including Pump, Polymer Dosing System, Screw Conveyor, etc.
2. GN Company can design & manufacture the whole system in Containerization or Skid, it is safety, and easier for transportation by truck, and movable around different job sites.

Regarding to Chemical Dosing System, what GN Company can supply is as follow.
1. PAM Automatic Flocculation Preparation System
This System includes 3 tanks for Polymer preparation, and motor, liquid level gauge, Electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic valve, dry powder level meter, liquid level alarms, PAM Dosing Metering Pump.
The System is controlled by PLC through Touch Screen.
2. Coagulant Mixing Tank
Coagulant mixing tank is used to supply coagulant into decanter centrifuge which is also equipped with dosing pump. PH value can be adjusted in the coagulant mixing tank.

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