GN Disc Stack Separator for Yeast Removing after Fermentation in African Client’s Beverage Plant

GN Company has completed production of one set of 2-Phase Disc Stack Separator, which is used for purifying fermented wash and reducing yeast content after fermentation. The Treatment Capacity of the African client ordered model is about 5m3/hour, with VFD control panel. The fluid wetted part is made of high-strength food grade stainless steel. The control cabinet is not explosion-proof, and it shall be placed in separate room. GN Technical Team would supply One Explosion-proof Button Box on site.

GN Separator is capable to separate extreme tiny solid particles from liquid phase, and the solid particle is less than 1um, which is dispersed in suspensions.

Here is brief introduction about working principle of Disc Stack Separator.

The fluid is feeding into the bowl through a feed pipe. In the distribution cabinet of the disc separator, the fluid is smoothly accelerated until it is synchronized with the speed of rotary bowl. The disc stack separator in the rotating cylinder divides the fluid into many thin layers, forming a large area of clarification area. The high-speed centrifugal force makes the solids slag separated from the liquid in the disc stack deposit.

GN Company offers Product Quality Warranty 14 months after shipment or 12 months from commissioning date. (Whichever comes first)

GN Company offers reliable & promptly after sale service and we can send Engineers to for installation & commissioning service based on clients’ requirement.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers for detailed technical specifications.

It’s acceptable to post sample to GN Company for arrange Trial Test, and check actual performance.

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