GN decanter centrifuge

GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge is mainly designed for Solid-liquid-liquid three-phase separation of materials. With our over 16 years of experience in the separation industry, it is the most advanced type equipment for 3 phase separation.

In the three-phase decanter centrifuge, the main motor drives the drum to rotate at full speed and the material is continuously introduced into the spiral by the feed tube and evenly distributed to the spiral discharge port. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid phase settles to the wall of the drum and is pushed out by the spiral pusher towards the slag outlet of the conical drum, while the liquid phase flows out along the spiral towards the overflow hole at the large end of the drum, forming a small end for the solid phase and a large end for the liquid phase. The solid particles are separated from the liquid in the mixture, or the two mixtures with different specific gravity and insoluble in each other are separated.

The 3 phase Oil Decanter Centrifuge can clarify, separate and dehydrate materials of 0.002-3mm or classify solid phase particles of 1um-5um. With a wide range of applications, continuous work, large processing capacity, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., it is the best equipment for solid-liquid separation. It is widely used in chemical, light industry, medicine, food, paper making, mining and other industries.


Three-phase Oil Decanter Centrifuge show great superiority in the treatment of triple mud, as they not only separate out the solids in the mud, but also the dirty oil in the mud, which is incomparable to other separation methods. At the same time, the water and oil content of the dry sludge after treatment by the three-phase decanter centrifuge is reduced to varying degrees.


The advantage is as below

  1. High precision of differential, compact structure, smooth running and high safety.
  2. The main bearing adopts imported bearings to ensure its running accuracy and easy operation.
  3. The parts in contact with materials are made of high quality stainless steel.
  4. The whole machine is equipped with various safety overload protection devices to ensure safe production.
  5. The whole machine system is designed with common type and explosion-proof type to meet different requirements.
  6. Large aspect ratio, high rotational speed, with a variety of angles of the drum cone structure.
  7. Screw pusher is made of carbide material for hard surface treatment, with high wear resistance.
  8. 8. The spiral structure with BD plate is suitable for the thickening and dewatering of activated sludge and materials that are difficult to separate.
  9. 9. According to the actual requirements can be matched, double frequency conversion and intelligent automatic control system.

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