GN decater centriduge for overseas clients

GN dewatering decanter centrifuge is T series decanter centrifuge with beach angle of 8.5 degrees. T series decanter centrifuge is generally used dewatering and thickening purpose.

The feed enters the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is accelerated smoothly by an inlet distributor. The centrifugal force that results from the rotation then causes sedmentationof the solids on the wall of the bowl.

Separation takes place in a horizontal cylindrical bowl equipped with a screw conveyor.

The conveyor rotates in the same(adverse) direction as the bowl, but slightly slower(faster), thus moving the solids towards the concial end of the bowl. The cake leaves the bowl through the solids discharge openings into casting.

The separation process runs through the bowl entire cylindrical section, clarified liquid is separated by adjustable overflow plate.


Bowl Diameter 220 mm
(9 Inch)
360 mm
(14 Inch)
450 mm
(18 Inch)
550 mm
(22 Inch)
650 mm
(25.6 Inch)
760 mm
(30 Inch)
Bowl Length 924 mm
(36.4 Inch)
1512 mm
(59.5 Inch)
1890 mm
(74.5 Inch)
2310 mm
(91 Inch)
2730 mm
(82 Inch)
3328 mm
(131 Inch)
Bowl Speed 4500 RPM 3900 RPM 3500 RPM 3150 RPM 2900 RPM 2650 RPM
Max G Force 2492 G 3063 G 3084 G 3051 G 3058 G 3000 G
L/D Ration 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.4
Main Motor 11 KW 22/30/37 KW 37/45/55 KW 55/90 KW 90/110 KW 110/132/160 KW
Back Motor 5.5 KW 7.5/11 KW 11/15/22 KW 15/37/45 KW 18.5/22/37/55 KW 22/37/75/90 KW
Beach Angle 8.5°
Drive Type VFD+PLC+ HMI
Bowl Material SUS2304(Duplex Stainless Steel)/ SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel) Centrifugal Casting
Screw Material SUS2304(Duplex Stainless Steel)/SUS2205(Duplex Stainless Steel)
The T-Series,Y-Series,C-Series decanter are interchangeable by replacing bowl assembly.

Final specifications should be based on commercial and technical offer.

Customized materials of the decanter centrifuge are available for option.


                The above specification and parameters for reference only.


For more information, please feel free to contact GN.