GN Solid Vacuum Pump for Garnet Powder Transportation in Middle East

Recently, GN completed the production of a solid vacuump pump which will be send to the overseas customer for  Garnet Powder Transportation in Middle East.

GN solids vacuum pump is completely pneumatic conveying equipment that can be applied to the conveying of various mateiral, liquid with relatively fluidity, mud with large solid content, and loose solid particles can all the transported by solid vacuum pump.

It come with compact structure, easy movement and layout, and equipped with three kinds of suction heads, it can be used in a variety of working environments, such as the cleaning of waste in narrow spaces and the cleaning of mud overflow from tank. Users can flexibly place and arrange the equipment according to the on-site conditions, which makes this pump meet more workplaces and have a wide range of applications. When GN solid vacuum pump works, it needs external air source to obtain air supply as power.

In addition to the solid vacuum pump, GN is also able provide other equipment commonly used in the mining industry, such as tailing sludge dewatering centrifuge, vibrating screen for ore screening, dewatering and other applications.

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