GN disc stack separator for algae

Currently, GN disc stack centrifuges is widely used for algae filed, there are a heavy demand in Europe and all of the world. The principle is that the algae suspension is fed directly into the centrifuge, inside centrifuge the suspension is separated into a mostly clear water phase and an algae concentrate, the algae concentrate is discharged periodically and has a fluid/creamy consistency.微信图片_20230323082451

The disc stack centrifuge  can treat the particles content less than 3%, it’s better to be 0.2%. Therefore, in some application, pre-treatment will be carried out by dissolved air flotation device, and then clarification and separation will be carried out in the disc stack centrifuge. And this disc stack centrifuge is specilize on algae.

Kindly check the test as below

The algae water mixture of 2% solids content, We will centrifuge this mixture to produce an algae concentrate of minimum 20% solids. The algae/water mixture fed to disc stack centriuge will originate from a DAF (dissolved air flotation device) meaning the algae will have been flocculated.IMG_4988


Concentration of algae solids in feed at 0.1%,   90% of the algae present reports to the concentrate.

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