GN sludge vacuum pump named solids vacuum pump, it can do some dry and transfer job, it’s 100% air driving, need to connect to a air compressor for work.

There are 3 model due to the handling capacity, GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B and GNSP-40B, the max handling capacity is respective 10M3/h, 20M3/H and 40M3/h. The request of vacuum degree of all of them is 85Kpa/25 inch HG(Mercury Column), and the max sunction distance is 50M. The max solid size is 75mm for GNSP-40B, and max particle size is 50MM for both of GNSP-10B and GNSP-20B. There are some discrepancy regarding to air demand, 17M3/min(600CFM) for GNSP-40B, 8M3/min(280CFM) for GNSP-20B, 4.3M3/min(150CFM) for GNSP-10B.

The vacuum pump equip with the quick connector at inlet/outlet pipe, which is equipped with barb to connect with suction and discharge hose.

GN vacuum pump is 100% pneumatic pump with no electric component, it can used in the explosive environments and also pass ATEX certification. A typical application of vacuum pump is to transfer the oil sludge to the oil sludge system as a conveying equipment.

To help customer in model selection on solids vacuum pump, please feel freely to contact GN separation.