Magnetic-drive, protected operating centrifuge

Are you still explore a good centrifuge and worry about it? Do not hesitate, immediately select the brand GN it! The GN-model Centrifuge utilizes magnetic drives and couplings to produce it the far better to operate than any comparable unit. The magnetic drives and couplings within the Gn Centrifuge the conventional hydraulic or variable-frequency drives. Magnetic couplings are very well-suited to the rig website they do not require an exterior energy supply, therefore lowering the specter of causing. Additionally they give you a somewhat small footprint, that is greatly useful within an offshore atmosphere wherever space is confined.

Furthermore, the drives of Gn CENTRIFUGEs are perfect for improving existing 518 Decanter Centrifuge models, creating a number of qualities and benefits that decrease charges and boost efficiency.


Precise manage over vital components

Enhanced horsepower

Adjustable drives

Possibility to upgrade current equipment


No-Contact Energy Transfer – removes vibration, reduces noise, tolerates imbalance, supplies overload protection, stretches motor and centrifuge existence, and reduces overall maintenance expenses.

Upgrade Capacity – revitalizes existing gear and conserves important assets.

Audited Energy Savings ¨C as substantially as 25 to 66% lower energy expenses.

Aboard Process Logic Controller – pads against excessive vibration to reduce deterioration round the centrifuge and monitors torque within the bowl to lessen machine pack-offs which enhances run some time and saves profit service calls.

GN brand in the Chinese market with high influence, its products throughout the world, the major authority website and forums are published with its device information.