GN Solids Control Equipment for Dewatering System

Recently, GN has manufactured a dewatering system for our client.GN dewatering system is capable of reducing the drilling fluids and discharge costs, and providing a good condition of drilling fluids all the time.

GN Equipment for Dewatering System.

1. Shale Shaker is first stage solids control units with 100% removal large solids.GN shale shaker is a high “G” force, high volume linear motion shakers. This unit is designed to achieve optimal working performance under the most challenging applications t.  GN offers two, three and four pretensioned screen panels can be mounted or replaced individual of each other. Operator many take less than 10 minutes and requires only a light hammer. Another advantage is the lower operational and maintenance costs. Regular maintenance is necessary including simple inspect screen panels, deck rubbers, and vibrator motor bolts.

2. Mud cleaner removes the solids ranging from 75 to 20 microns. We believe that our mud cleaner offers top performance including low maintenance, lubrications-free and rugged polyurethane material hydrocyclones.  It is Coupled with robust pretensioned shaker screen.


3. Decanter Centrifuge plays an important role in the whole system. GN decanter centrifuge is capable of removing hard “floc” after the chemical treatment of drilling fluids. Larger capacity and effectively separating colloidal particle is an obvious advantage of decanter centrifuge.


Benefits of GN Dewatering System

1. In the limited discharge area or zero discharge area, GN dewater system plays a significant role in the closed-loop system

2. Minimal cut point content under normal solids control equipment operation parameters

3. Small footprint is for installation and transportion

4. Maximum recycle of the drilling fluids to reduce the drilling fluids cost.

5. The mixing machine is controlled by the sophisticated computerized programme to reduce the chemical cost and wastage

You could contact with GN for your dewater system project. Professional representative will offer you the best solution.

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