Horizontal spiral discharge settling centrifuge of GN solids control company

Drilling industry experts generally agree that the important role of drilling fluid USA decanter centrifuge of GN solids control company in the solid control system, the domestic most of the drilling crew is equipped with host 18.5, 22, 37, 45 kw power, rotate speed of 1300-2200 r/min of medium-speed centrifuge. At present, drilling fluid centrifuge are mainly medium speed, and two kinds of mainstream varieties, high-speed centrifuge. Medium speed drilling fluid centrifuge rotation speed is 1300-2200 r/min, the decanter centrifuge  force of gravity is about 800 times, the capacity of 40-60 m3 / h of the centrifuge, the centrifuge is used to remove 5-7 microns of solid phase particles; High speed drilling fluid centrifuge speed refers to the 2500-3300 r/min, the centrifuge is about 1200-2100 times the gravity, the separation size is 2-5 microns of decanter centrifuge, the capacity of the centrifuge can be adjusted automatically according to the performance of drilling fluid, and can pass the load real-time monitoring and full variable frequency automatic closed loop technology, effectively control the performance of the drilling fluid is a drilling deep Wells and horizontal Wells need special technical requirements of the ideal solid control purification equipment; Another for fixed rotational speed high speed drilling。


Drilling fluid centrifuge after processing the application of drilling fluid, has played a more and more important role, many drilling crew is equipped with 2 centrifuges, it is important to note that is equipped with two sets of drilling fluid centrifuge technology performance is exactly the same drilling fluid centrifuge (generally for medium-speed centrifuge, sometimes with a different processing), the parallel process, should be adopted to mutually standby or increase during fast drilling at present, the rate of drilling fluid in the abroad such as derrick, swaco company has produced a full variable frequency control high speed drilling fluid decanter centrifuge , the cost is high, high-speed centrifuge, and the operating personnel’s quality request is higher, must have special electrical engineer on the operation and maintenance. The present domestic only a handful of drilling crew to work abroad is equipped with this type of high speed centrifuge, the special Wells, drilling fluid performance requirements of high recommended medium-speed centrifuge and domestic high-speed centrifuge series of technological process, after medium-speed centrifuge treatment of drilling fluid into the high-speed centrifuge for liquid warehouse, by the highVisit here to know aboutcentrifuge machine of GN America  company.