1 set of solids control system shipped to drilling rigs

GN solids America shipped 1 set of solids control system/equipments to the drilling rigs in America, such as 4 shale shakers GNZS594, 1 mud cleaner GNZJ594-2S12N, 1 decanter centrifuge GNLW363G and screens. A part of them happen to be shipped for the jobsite from Houston directly, as well as other part will be shipped from China straight,from GN solids control– manufacture facility and headquarter of GN solids America.

Usually a comprehensive solids manage method also consists of vacuum degasser, mixing hopper, mud agitators, mud gun, mud tanks, these could possibly be made locally in client’s country to save freight charge. GN solids handle can give both complete solids handle system and only solids control equipments.

Solids control equipements is often also utilised for drilling cuttings dryer program within the oil drilling jobsite. For oil based drill cuttings, the standard way would be to make use of the vertical cuttings dryer to dry the cuttings which can be collected from shale shaker and mud cleaner, and recycle the oil and throw away the dry cuttings. But at times operators will use major bowl decanter centrifuge instead of vertical cuttings dryer, which can decrease the oil content material within the cuttings under 8%, this way can boost their efficiency.

Hi-G dryer shaker is utilised just before the vertical cuttings dryer when the fluids content is more than 80%, also it’s employed for water based drilling cuttings. It is actually a further kind of shale shaker, but with high G force and diverse feeder system. Hi-G dryer is one more powerful method to strengthen the efficiency of vertical cuttings dryer, it may separate some massive solids and much less the water content material.

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Drilling Waste High G Dryer Shaker Screen

Drilling waste high G dryer shaker screen is a particular sort of shale shaker. It use higher G force primarily utilized to treat drilling waste cuttings.
Why it’s referred to as high G dryer shaker screen, what is the distinction of high G dryer shaker screenr with solids handle shale shaker?
Yes, certainly high G dryer shaker screen is usually a kind of shaker. The distinction of high G dryer shaker screen and solids handle shale shaker as below:
1) G force various: High G dryer shaker screen may possibly make use of G force about eight.0G during separate the drilling waste cuttings, though solids manage shaker screen make use of six.5G ~ 7G for the duration of functioning. The design and application G force various.
2) Feed kind different: High G dryer shaker screen, it is actually employed to treat drilling cuttings from solids manage screen panel (shale shaker, desander, desilter). The cuttings transferred through screw conveyor auger to the high G dryer shaker screen, In this case, dryer normally is with hopper feeder. When solids manage shaker screen is usually with box feeder or weir feeder.
3) As the dryer shaker screen G force is bigger then replacement screen, in request a sturdy style for the shaker deck.
In which circumstances high G dryer shaker screen might be used?
It really is specialized for water based mud drilling cuttings separation. Followed using a higher speed centrifuge for LGS. to separate the fine solids.
two) It might be utilised for oil based mud drilling cuttings separation, because the alternative of vertical cuttings dryer (Vortex G). But is can’t separate oil based cuttings as dryer as vertical cuttings dryer.
How can buyer get quick delivery in case urgent?
GN Solids America always have higher G dryer shaker screen and solids handle shaker screen in stock in China factory and Houston factory, at the same time,I want to simply clarify about mud cleaner issue,Mud Cleaner Unit for Rotary Bored Piling and Civil Engineering,here why introduce the Mud Cleaner  item,for it’s a importent product during make solids control,and Gn is facility to make it.