sludge vacuum pump

GN solids vacuum pump is fully pneumatic conveying equipment, powered by an external air source, capable of conveying materials of various forms. Especially for some liquid with strong fluidity, loose solid particles and other materials, it has good applicability.

Please share with us the material conditions, conveying height and distance in advance, so as to provide more accurate solutions. It should be noted that the user needs to configure appropriate air supply equipment at the work site. In order to facilitate the customer’s work, GN can provide the customer with air supply requirements for reference.

According to different working conditions and transport capacity, GN solid vacuum pump is divided into three models, GNSP10, GNSP20 and GNSP40.

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GN 3-Phase decanter centrifuge for overseas Electrolytic Purification of Copper Application

Recently GN was complete assemble one set 3-phase decanter centrifuge, it arranged to ship to the overseas clients , The equipment will be used in the Electrolytic Purification of copper  application at the work site of overseas customer.

In this order, the customer ordered the smallest model of 3-phase decanter centrifuge, the model is GNLWS364, the model of this decanter centrifuge has a bowl diameter of 360mm and a bowl L/D 4.2, which allows the material to be processed to remain inside of the equipment for a longer time, which incerase the separation time. When evaluating the performance of the decanter centrifuge, the rotation speed and the separation factors are important indicators.


The details for this item for electric, Control Cabinet is VFD+PLC+HMI touch screen, the shell of control cabinet is stainless steel, the brand of VFD is INOVANCE/ABB, and the brand of PLC is Siemens/Omron. Touch screeen is Siemens, and the decanter centrifuge come with a explosion-proof motor EXDIIBT4 , in the meanwhile, the control cabinet also meet explosion-proof EXDEIB PZ IIB T6 GC.

2023.05.26 explosive VFD control for decanter centrifuge

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GN solid vacuum pump

GN solid vacuum pump is completely pneumatic conveying equipment that can be applied to the conveying of various materials. Liquid with relatively strong fluidity, mud with relatively large solid content, and loose solid particles can all be transported by solid vacuum pumps.

In some working areas such as the mine site, some mud water mixtures, such as slurry, will be produced during the mining process, which occupies a large number of working areas and need to be cleaned in time. This clean work will required a equipment with strong conveying capacity and convenient monment.  GN solids vacuum pump can also be used to clean the sludge at the tank bottom, transport grain, transport construction mud, etc.

Before that, please kindly advise us the height between the material and pump you will install, and the distance between the material and pump you will install, In order to facilitate the customer’s work, GN can provide the customer with air supply requirements for reference.

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GN decanter centrifuge

As a separation equipment manufacturerer, GN separation is committed to providing solid liquid solutions to customers in the industry.

Decanter centriduge is commonly used in solid and liquid separation equipment, though the high speed rotationing parts, the suspension passing into is separated into the solid liquid separation. Solid-liquid separation can be effectively carried out under the action of centrifugal force. Usually, the centrifuge separation factor that can be achieved by a decanter centrifuge is around 3000G.

Considering the customer’s application, GN has made some targeted considerations when designing the centrifuge to meet the requirements of food grade.


In addition to the food industry, GN’s centrifuge products are also used in other fields. Such as sludge dewatering centrifuge, chemical separation centrifuge and so on. For more information about decanter centrifuges, please feel free to contact GN Separation.