GN solid vacuum pump

GN solid vacuum pump is completely pneumatic conveying equipment that can be applied to the conveying of various materials. Liquid with relatively strong fluidity, mud with relatively large solid content, and loose solid particles can all be transported by solid vacuum pumps.

In some working areas such as the mine site, some mud water mixtures, such as slurry, will be produced during the mining process, which occupies a large number of working areas and need to be cleaned in time. This clean work will required a equipment with strong conveying capacity and convenient monment.  GN solids vacuum pump can also be used to clean the sludge at the tank bottom, transport grain, transport construction mud, etc.

Before that, please kindly advise us the height between the material and pump you will install, and the distance between the material and pump you will install, In order to facilitate the customer’s work, GN can provide the customer with air supply requirements for reference.

For more information on GN solids vacuum pump, please feel free to contact GN Separation.

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