GN usually recommand the actual Decanter Centrifuge since the get pump motor. GN SY sequence submersible pump motor is actually organised associated with solitary phase as well as solitary stroking along with cantilever, Decanter Centrifuge is actually associated with semi-unshrouded impeller along with mixing vane outfitted in the prolonged area associated with impeller  vane. The primary features from the Decanter Centrifuge tend to be how the Decanter Centrifuge base below drinking water offers sufficient stiffness, along with showing not really outfitted in between impeller as well as Decanter Centrifuge entire body. With showing encapsulation not really used, it may express moderate that contains strong particle along with larger focus.For more information about us, please visit our official website:

GN Decanter Centrifuge may be exported to many nations each within solitary device or even connected within the total program. Any kind of query or even require turned on, simply really feel liberated to postal mail all of us.


Oilfield  Decanter Centrifuges

The GN Decanter Centrifuge is design to separate the untra-fine solids from the drilling fluids, combined with dewatering unit (Flocculation), it gives user clean fluids for discharge.GN Decanter centrifuge also can be used for Barite Recovery.

 GN Decanter Centrifuge Features & Benefits

  1. High G Force up to 3000 G for different applications.
  2. 316 Stainless Steel Bowl, Screw and Collection Box for more difficult situations.
  3. Different Capacity available from 50GPM to 500 GPM for more industry.
  4. Speed adjustable by VFD or Mechanical change.
  5. Screw protected by Tungsten Carbide Tiles.
  6. Solids Discharge port protected by Tungsten Carbide Ring.
  7. SKF or FAG Bearing for longer life.
  8. Explosion proof for Class I Division I.

2)     Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges

The GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges is designed to reduce and recover base fluid from a variety of feed slurries. The GN VCD Normally can reach the performance of the Oil On the Cutting(OOC) to to be 3% to 5%.

Features & Benefits  of GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges

  1. GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges Reduce the amount of OBM or SBM on cuttings discharge to reduce waste volume and/or meet environmental objectives.
  2. GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges Recover valuable base fluids for re-use.
  3. Reduce fluid content prior to other treatment, thereby increasing process capacity.
  4. High G Force up to 420 G for dryer solids, more recover of valuable drilling fluids.
  5. GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges Big Volume for 30 ~ 50 Tons/H for more applications
  6. Stainless Steel Screen with Opening  250/350/500 microns for flexible option.
  7. GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges Adjustable and replaceable Flights easy for maintenance.
  8. Individual Oil Lubrication system ensures reliable operation.
  9. All major rotation parts is balanced individually, for easy interchangeable and long life.

For other GN Oilfield Vertical Centrifuges products features and more details, please refer to our company products brochure.

Flush the desilter drilling equipment according to item 4.2.4 when start-up it after a long time idle. Drum must begin running when main driving motor’s speed reaches 80~90% of its full speed, otherwise stop the motor immediately. Check if the oil level of the coupler correct, or any obstruction exists in the drum. Service oil temperature can’t exceed 90°C when the coupler run continuously. The melting temperature of the meltable plug in the coupler is 125°C. If the oil temperature exceed 125°C because of overload, fusible alloy in the meltable plug is melt , the oil in it spays out , at this time, Desilter must be stopped at once. Supply oil as above mentioned. Replace the meltable plug with another one of the same specification. Caution: Don’t replace the meltable plug with solid bolt. After using, flush the drum and inner cavity . Caution: When you flush the underflow nozzle of drum’s small end, never strentch your fingers into the hole because screw propeller may be still running even though the drum has stopped rotating, fingers may be cut off!! Mud filling speed should below 40m3/h, otherwise, it is easy to cause overload in charged mud and then make the shear pin to be cut or clutch slips. In non-charged mud, liquid phase may flow away from the underflow opening, cause waste. Separating effect will decrease when mud viscosity at inlet opening exceed 38 seconds. Fill amount of water in to dilute and decrease funnel viscosity below 35 seconds. Operation personnel should check and see bearing holder’s temperature on two ends, differential temperature and sand discharging condition. If discharged sand is thin slurry which can flow continuously and automatically, it means that the separating effect is the best, and with light load, this is very important for prolonging the life of the centrifuge. If discharged sand is lump and come out discontinuously, at the same time, it looks very dry. It means that mud with too much sand and centrifuge’s load is too heavy, adequate split-flow should be done. Otherwise, it will lead to main motor’s stoppage because of overload or main bearing and differential’s temperature rising. In another word, main bearing or differential’s temperature rising(main bearing’s temperature exceed 70°C, differential’s exceed 50°C) indicate that mud has too much sand and split-flow should be done,Drain off remained liquid in the drum when stopping the centrifuge in winter and rescrew the bolt after the liquid is drain off(the bolt is at the big end of drum).

Usually, bearing daily temperature increase every 10°, lubrication period and make up quantity should be decreased once.To make sure bearing operated well, we must use LGHP2 grade high temperature lubrication grease. Before adding new lubrication grease we should clean the input hole.

Commonly, bearing will have natural temperature increase by 1-2℃ just after lubricating or second lubrication.To avoid dust fall into oil input hole, or wear bearing, usually we’ll use oil cup to close oil hole.

If we operate the shale shaker after long time off status, we need to inspect motor rotary unit on insulation. Use 500V Ω gauge, get resistance is not larger than 0.5MSZ, we can run the shaker. is the owner of the article on cuttings dryer system and cuttings dryer, pls click contact us to know more info.pls visit us

drilling waste management companies selection drilling waste managementcan fix different meshes screen. This equipment can use 10-200mesh screen. Usually, when the shale shaker is first stage solids control equipment the shaker screen can be 30-100mesh. When the shale shaker is a part of mud cleaner, the screen can be 80-200mesh. Shaker screen selection can among manufacturer engineer, user, and contractor discussion. Replacement screen should be selected specially from manufacturer Replace shaker screen process To make screen installation and uninstall more easy, GNPS752 designed fast installation structure. The structure is a special type use tension wedge to fix screen. Refer to fig IV. The structure including shelve strip, wedge. The first screen installation, we should inspect the screen dimension, such as 910±2mm, the tolerance can’t over it. After fixed rubber strip, then put screen, shelve strip from shaker back (drilling fluid input), and push wedge evenly on two sides use hammer to push or tension wedges, make two sides identical. Tension each screens subsequently. Shaker screen replacement, during operation, when screens broken or need to be replaced , please refer to fig IV. Get wedge out, then bring out screen, check if rubber strips are sufficient; then put new screen on shaker deck and tension it steadily. The replacement is finished Tension wedge sketch Note: During shaker operation, the tension wedge may appear loose, operator should inspect shaker screen frequently and push or tense the wedge by hammer,more infor,pls click the website to know.