Decanter centrifuge noise

Highnoise made from machine now become part of occupation hazard for works who
expose it in extend of time period.  It
how have regulate by government  because
the consideration of the machine design.

centrifuge is the machinery with rotating bowl and contain many number source of
noise .  The size of the machine, the
speed of the rotating bowl, which is the main source of noise come from
structure.  Other noise like turbulence
noise and siren noise is also part of noise production from the decanter

noise often produce by all surfaces that directly coupled to the bowl’s
bearing.  The speed of rotation of the
bowl, it create turbulence from the different trailing edges that produce broad
spectrum vortex  noise.  The siren noise is from air flow through the
bowl and it produce great noise especially
at the lower harmonics of the bowl rotate frequency.

are ways to decrease noise that produce by decanter centrifuge, some of them are:

the surface of the main bearing of the rotating bowl and will reduce the amount
of noise transmitted from the decanter centrifuge structure

and smooth the bowl surface will minimize the noise produce from the edge that
vortices that shed and produce vortex, turbulence noise

noise produce because from the air flow through rotating bowl, which is the
purpose to the function  of the decanter,
the exit opening should be design so the noise is produce within the parts of
spectrum of sound have low noise level

The noise that
produce from machinery is consider health hazard if personal consistently
exposure on noise that is great then 80 to 85 dB over an eight hours per
day.  Excess expose of level of 85 dB
during work life would result 90% of people suffer lost of hearing.  It can also damage the way of speech as
well.  Which now noise regulation is the
must enforce regulation.  


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