The Introduction of Solids Control Models

Performance and excellence of drilling
solids control equipment is paramount to the introduction of solid control. Drilling solids control
system includes drilling fluid recycling tank, drilling fluid purification
equipment and drilling liquids mixing equipment of three parts. Drilling fluid
purification equipment mainly includes shaker, desander, desilter, degasser,
centrifugal machines, centrifugal pump (sand pump), shear pump, mud agitator and hopper etc. Under highly
restriction eco areas, you may also concern the drill cuttings recovery and
waste treatment plant.

 Solid control equipment trends:

 Drilling operator is expecting small
footprint, high quality, lengthy existence of apparatus and integrated high-speed decanter centrifuge, automatic recognition and
performance solid control system.

 Worldwide Solids Control Company:

 The majority of solids control equipment has
been in the United States including BRANDT, SWACO, and DERRICK along with other
companies. Their performance and quality are on top level on the planet.
They’re focusing on optimizing solid control system configuration and
efficiency of solid control system,

 China Solid Control Company:

 Lately, China solids control company has
accomplished a larger degree of development, mainly in the study from the
theory, for example shaker works, cyclone works, happen to be around the
world’s advanced level. The space between Chinese solid control company and US
solids control is lowering. Especially GN Solids Control is among worldwide
level solid control company which released their models to around the globe. GN
not just focuses on the standard solids control models for example shale
shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and hopper, but
additionally researches around the advanced waste management area including
vertical cutting dry and decanter centrifuge combination. However, GN follows
worldwide strict quality inspections on each and every model to make sure GN
worldwide quality and equipment safe issues.

 GN Solis Control is constantly on the
supply equipment throughout around the globe, North and South US, Australia,
Europe, Africa and Asian. Our worldwide clientele has provided us the chance to
service industries including Environment, Construction, Chemical/Petrochemical,
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing, Mining, Oilfield/Drilling, Dredging, Governmental/Municipal,
and Energy Plants.

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