Hydrocyclone Installation

The mud that contain drilling cuttingreach the ground surface, the process of filtering begin start with shale shaker that contain the shale shaker screen indifferent mesh.  The whole process also
depends on the ratio of liquid and solids in the mud as well.  While treatment through shale shaker screen is necessary, it is
far from enough and that is what hydrocyclone come to use to take the
filtration to next level.

 Hydrocyclone filter less aggravate
solids that is size 15-20um, after the shale shaker.  It is install convenient to flow bottom and
also convenient for maintenance and monitoring the filtration of the drilling
mud.  The large (10 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install on upstream and the small (4 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install follow by large ones.  The hydrocyclone need to pair with drilling fluid tank and centrifugal pump.

 GN Solids
Control’s desander
have installation of 10 inch hydrocyclone
which contain between from 1 cone to 3 cones to meet the different filter
need.  To take the filtration further, it
pair with shale shaker that is detachable for convenience in change machinery
to meet the project need and maintenance.
The 4 inch hydrocyclone is for GN Solids
Control’s desilter
which contain between 8 cones to 16
cones.  The structure of the desilter is
same as desander that pair with shale shaker as well.  The desander will remove the +40 microns of solids
and desilter will remove +20 microns of solids.
The shale shaker pair with desander and desilter is linear motion with
either 2 Martin or  2 OLI brand motor
which can produce adjustable G force up to 7.5 G of force. The panel of screen
are choice of  2, 3  and 4 depend the need of the drilling
project.  All equipments construct in
explosion proof and meeting different region’s explosion proof standard.

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